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Short post because this has been my week………….

More rain

More mud

More cold

More sleep lost

Mo’ frac (insert period)

The end is in sight. (insert happy face emoticon)

For some perspective, I have not had a free and clear 20 minutes for the past 3 weeks to roast some coffee beans.  The way it works – for me anyway-  recently has been for me to stretch out on the couch any time there is not traffic coming over the horizon.  Sometimes I get one minute of respite and sometimes I get an hour or better.  The thing is you just never know and if you hang and wait for a slack in the traffic about all you end up with is some hangin’ and waitin’.  Those sand hawgs run day and night ’cause they don’t know a clock.

Grabbin' some rest.

Grabbin’ some rest.

I am an early AM coffee drinker  like before the sun comes up early.  3am early.  You won’t see me with a cup much after 9.  The fall back when the fresh ground is gone is those little tubos of Taster’s Choice freeze dried.  Turns out I had about 3 weeks worth stashed back so yesterday I was forced to roast and grind some of the good stuff.  I had noted I was drinking more coffee than usual;  like six or seven cups; but blew it off to my dilapidated state.

It was chilly out this morning and by 3am there was a good little frost layin’ on the grass.  I had on 3 layers of clothes because that north wind was cuttin’ hard edge through the pucker brush.  Around about 5am I was coming back in the door of the Palace for the umpteenth hundredth time when I got the sweats and I felt like somebody had slapped a turbo-pacemaker in my chest and plugged it straight into a wall socket,  WTF?!  Stroke? Heart attack?  Aneurysm?  Nope, nothing that dramatic.  I had just overdosed my own self on high octane  real  cafe’ — nada mas.  Silly ass me;  I need to watch closer!

Just a quick note: Seems I ruffled some feathers last week with some socio-political commentary. Hey, it is what it is.  I am sick to death of this miasma miring the country that makes good folks cautious to speak their real mind.  I don’t give a rat’s ass about being PC.  I strive to be courteous and properly respectful but that don’t mean I have to keep my lip buttoned up  – No sir!  Don’t get me wrong now.  I enjoy a good and spirited debate and I find alternate viewpoints of curious interest.  Fact is though I will not tolerate rude behavior from any man and likewise; if you come in here all judgmental just remember you are not walking in my shoes!  I take criticism and advice well from those I respect or admire which admittedly is a precious few souls.  If you poke the bull, you might get the horns.  Just sayin’….


End Note: My Diamond is Too Rough by Ryan Bingham from Fear and Saturday Night.  New Ryan Bingham. Good youtube to go with it.


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Is I Just Stoopid?

5 years ago this week; somewhere east of Jasper, TX.  different life -different world

5 years ago this week; somewhere east of Jasper, TX. different life -different world

I am finishing up a blissful 30 hours of limited traffic while the frac crew nipples up for the last 3 holes.  During the next 18 hours, all the contractors and accessory folks necessary to run this frac will be back onsite and ready to rock and roll.  These fellas are fast and I commented on that to one of ‘em the other day and he said they are doing a zipper frac. At any rate, I am ready for ‘em after getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep at different points during the last two days.  Gotta make it till the 29th when they say they will be done.

Help me out with something here, would ya?   How come is it (collective) we expect the GOV to provide and care for us to the point we can just quit thinking for ourselves?

I didn’t surface much in the past 10 days to interact with world at large because my plate was pretty full and then, still yet, I am a curmudgeon on top of that.  But this free range parenting dealio caught my eye.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing or even better yet that the opposite thing is called helicopter parenting.  Just didn’t register with me.  So I set back and catch a good dose of folks getting lathered up on both sides of the issue.  The folks on the one side talk about how it was ‘back in the day’ when they would leave early of a morning to go outside and play and be gone here and there the whole live long day.  I could talk to that,  about how it was back in my day, that is.  Walk six miles to school and it was uphill both ways;  stuff like that but I ain’t gonna do it  because it is not the biggie.

So this is the part where I try to figure out if I am just dirt stupid and missing something ???  Or am I ’bout the only one here having a real problem seeing the Emperor’s new clothes??  The biggie elephant in the room is two different things.

One,  why are we helpless to the point that the GOV has to light the way for us?  Have we lost it that f’n bad?  To the point they have to tell us what is healthy to eat and regulate the equipment in our crappers because we use too much water?  They already edit the kid’s textbooks to advance the Stasi agenda and now they want to regulate and control the way parents raise their children?   I didn’t dig for all the details.  For all I know it could be a bad neighborhood. Drug dealers on the corner and a ho across the street and gunfire crackling in the distance as somebody lets loose with a 9 but I am thinking not so much.   Just a “good neighbor”  calling the cops when they saw two kids walking unattended and the ball started to roll.  Now the parents are on Brian Williams and dealing with a shit ton of trouble.

Which leads me to point number Two………  If the GOV machinery grinds and clanks along in all of its’ bureaucratic splendor, CPS is going to get involved and these kids could end up in a foster home.  Christ on a Cracker!  You take two seemingly well-adjusted good kids from a loving home and put them in foster care????  Over something like this?  That is so wrongheaded I cannot even get my brain around it but most folks is going to say ‘Ehhh. ‘s OK.  The GOV has their best interests at heart.’ 

Not!   Wake up people.


On that Amazon

Somebody bought their own Little Blue using one of my  Amazon links a few days back and it was a nice little bump to help keep the lights on here.  To whoever that was, I thank ya, yes I do.  For those of you that don’t know how this works, let me clue you in.  Ol’ Jeff Bezos, the head knocker at Amazon, is one more smart sumbitch in my book.  He pays me and about a bazillion other bloggers a few centavos every time you click one of our links and end up buying something from him. The cool part is he pays us out of his pocket, he don’t charge you a penny extra.  And on top of that you can click over there lookin’ at one thing and end up buying the other thing  and I still get some dinero.

Truth of the matter is that fella who bought that generator pretty much doubled my income for the last four months.  Sorta pitiful when I have about 20 thousand folks visit me every month and I can’t even get a $10 dollar bill out of the deal.

Folks tell me to put a Donate Button on the blog and you know,  I tried that.   2 years ago this Spring, when the Old Girl got murdered by the Big Hails.  I was in a corner with my back hard against the wall and y’all come through for me.  Without your generous donations,  I would not have been able to buy the (NO) Princess Palace.  I left the donate button on the blog for two weeks and took it down as I said I would.  During that two weeks I got accused of being a scammer and a fraud,  even bagged on Little Blondie who had zero shared responsiblity and this comment that I was ripping off poor folks who  “are living on Social Security and scraping to get by to send me money thru paypal so you can do whatever while you decide what your not going to do and knowing you need to do something that your as of now,never going to do because your to drunk,or to lazy or to lonely or all the above.”

Um yeah,  that describes me to a T kinda. Maybe?  Hell, if I could make sense out of what he was sayin’ maybe I could address my ‘issues’.  Oddly enough, the fella that made me his personal vendetta target for a few weeks chose to move on; nary a peep out of him ever again.   I miss him about as much as I would miss a boil on my ass.

It all boils down to this.  I hope I never, ever again have to resort to a bleg (blog + beg).  It is unseemly of a growed man to need to be doing that more than oncet every great while.  But I am gonna tell ya how the cow eat the cabbage.

I buy goods from Amazon two-three times a month.  With my Prime membership I don’t have to worry about shipping costs.  I try and remember to flip over to one of the blogs I read on a daily basis and go through their Amazon link to buy my goods.  Most of the time, not always but I make the effort. All it costs me is the remembering and that is the way I choose to support them. Writing a blog out of the goodness of your heart is made even nicer when it puts a little jingle in your pocket.   I was trying to cipher what would happen if everyone that visits here went through my link and spent a hunnert bucks at Amazon.   I thank I forget to carry the 3 or something because it come out all helter skelter.   I know I couldn’t buy a new Prevost Custom RV bus but maybe I could afford me a big juicy t-bone to slap on the grill from time to time.    Just sayin’……………….


End Note: Who Do Call the Shots by Ray Bonneville from the Easy Gone album


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mud boards, landscaping.  
my world

too cold

too muddy

too tired

…….and the  frac goes on

mud, mud boards, frost proofed world

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Border Outlaw

Dammit, I had good and faithful intent to serve up a fine blog this morning.   Ain’t happening.  I am tired to death of myriad details of a burdensome few weeks.  It has been cloudy, drizzly, sprinkly, cold down here in the puckerbrush for four days straight — or maybe eight; I don’t exactly recall.   I do know that when you take a caliche rock road beat down and compressed harder than Little Blondie’s heart and add days of moisture on top of that hardpan you end up with a caliche gruel that just sloshes and slides across the top of

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