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An American Hero, A Texas Son

Memorial Day 2017

“They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this nation.” — Henry Ward Beecher

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

My email inbox is flooding with ‘Memorial Day Sale!!!’ alerts and every other commercial on the DISH is screaming the same same.  I can tell ya right now I ain’t buying nothing – no way -no how.  Memorial Day is not some big hurrah sale event, OK? Christ on a Cracker,  I swear inane shit like this is becoming most annoying in my old age.  This is a somber holiday of remembrance.  Please observe it as such

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Monkey Island

Disclaimer: If you were expecting droll, dry RV blog type stuff like what I ate for supper last night and who stopped by for cinnamon rolls, you missed the boat this week. You best go run your traps elsewhere if you are cravin’ some ‘o’ that.   The following contains no RV content.

Just sayin’………

I have tried every way I can think of to explain to my personal millenials just how it was growing up in rural West Tennessee in the early 60’s.  Before the internet of things you know;  when everything you knew or did happened within a

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Readers Write - Lunch with Granny

Old friend Miss V has shared a story with us today.  Me and her sabe same same on most things.  She smiles if you call her West Texas Oilfield Trash because you have to earn that label.

Before we get to that I want to share a parable I read in a blog this week.   Gonna paraphrase……

Crane, TX today

Two millenial brothers.  The oldest one decided early on the ‘American Dream’ was for him.  High School then college with a good solid degree in engineering.  He lived meager during college, studying hard with little time for girls and partying.  Got

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I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

I am going about 3 different directions at once with this blog so make sure you are coffee’d up and paying attention.

I have a ZUNE  music player from Microsoft that I got back in 2009 and it used to be the cat’s ass.  You know I have never been one to jump on the latest and greatest bandwagon because it makes my brain hurt. Give me comfortable and familiar every time. What was not to like about the ZUNE?  It held 120gb of data and it was built like a brick.  For about a hunnert bucks a year, I had

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