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High Desert Chronicle - Chapter 11 - Terlingua

The man sleeping on the iron bed on the porch was in the brain fuzzy state between sleep and consciousness. He could feel eyes watching him. Cold, black, unfeeling eyes burning a hole in him from the foot of the bed. As sleep retreated the man tried to think what lay close at hand for a weapon. He cracked his right eye open just a bit and through the narrow slit he saw a tin

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High Desert Chronicle - Dulce V (Chapter 10)

Charlie Notsinneh fished the noisy cell phone out of the left front pocket of his shirt. It was an annoyance that Lori insisted on. “Yes ma’am?” he said when he saw Lori’s name on the caller ID. “Daddy, Jenny just called. Sailor’s gone.” He was already walking toward the old pickup “I’m on my way.”

Charlie and Lori knew Sailor had been fighting pancreatic cancer for the past seven months. While Sailor had not shared

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(Book Selection) - Dulce IV

Jenny walked up to the door of the recreational vehicle and knocked. She could hear the Today Show blaring full tilt inside the trailer house. Knowing Dave was decidedly hard of hearing, she banged on the door harder. She could hear the dog whining softly on the other side of the door. She reached down to try the door and found the knob turned easily in her hand.


“Sailor? You in there Sailor? It’s

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(Book Selection) - Dulce III

Sailor had accepted Charlie’s invite to stay at his house for a few nights while he checked the area out. By the second day he had engaged the services of a realtor and by the end of the week he had purchased the ’69 Chevy pickup and made an offer on 40 acres of High Desert scrub east of Dulce just off Hwy. 64. Sailor had grown accustomed to living in small spaces after all

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