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Too long in the saddle?

Out and about

Y’all know I am set to get by alone more so than most.  6 weeks since the last time I made a supply run and when I emptied one of the 40lb propane tanks on the snout of the NO Princess Palace a week or so ago, I knew it was time to go to town.  I called up my fill-in girl and a date was made for Friday.  Like so many things here in the oil patch, plans change.  She is uncertain of her schedule right now so we cannot even set a second date.  I

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Trapper Cabin

Spring in the puckerbrush

Been talkin’ to somebody about the ins and outs of gate guarding south of the Burrito Border and when the subject of suitable RVs came up I said “think about a trapper’s cabin on wheels.”  Ya think maybe I been watchin’ too many Alaska reality shows on NatGeo?  Y’all know I am a fool  for that DISH TV and a hunnert movie channels. But you know when I look around the NO Princess Palace,  it sure reminds me of that.  I am not saying you can’t come down here in your RV-mahal diesel motor coach and

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Fresh Air

An OEM RV vent fan nastied up with some puckerbrush dirt and dead bees.

I have been here at this location north of Fowlerton, Texas for 196 days straight. My last trip to town for supplies was 38 days ago.  I have one package of bacon left. Something must give soon. Bacon withdrawal is ugly and I would not wish it on any man.

A Puckerbrush Barometer –  I am 30 yds from a much traveled oil patch highway.  Thankfully, there is an automatic gate which is only opened with the correct keypad combo between me and the sneakers and salesmen. 

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Snake School

New Dometic Brisk Air II 15k btu unit

I have been at this location north of Fowlerton, TX for 168 days.  A fair amount of time but not a record…  That would be 236 days spent just a few miles from here.

You can’t live in a tin box in South Texas when the weather starts to warm up unless you have air conditioning. As a matter of fact I always recommend 2 rooftop AC units in your recreational vehicle if you want to live with some comfort during July and August down here.  So when the rooftop AC went out

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