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Lookin' out my front door....

Vela Von is digging it……..

The Little House ain’t been around long but a routine is already being established.  Routines are comforting. I drug up an old red plastic chair that has been sun bleached to a dusty pink and it sits in the corner of the 6′ porch. Every evening about dusk we grab a coupla cold beers and head for the front  porch.  The beers go in two mis-matched coozies and I set ’em on the porch railing and I rear back in that cheap chair and get comfy.  Vela Von alternates between doin’ dog stuff out

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Busy at the Hideout

At the Hideout

It is not called the “Secret” Hideout just to be cute.  Some projects and happenings here are  kept close intentionally. Then there is My Bro’s stuff and goings on which is his business.  Posts to the blog here are going to be less frequent simply because of these factors.

After the Big Hails,  the No Princess Palace was purchased quickly out of dire necessity.  At the time of purchase,  I knew it was an entry or at best mid level RV that in no fashion approached the construction quality of the Old Girl.  Add in 4 years

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