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That Bowling Equipment

Sunday morning at the Hideout

When you are working a location as an oilfield security guard there are some universal rules even though you are a 1099 contractor. No guns, no drugs, no alcohol. I always abide by the rules even when the Company Man pointedly asks me if “I have protection?” and then follows the statement up with the reveal of a rather large handgun and “This place is the Wild West.

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I Didn't Sign Up For This

South Texas Weather Forecast: HOTTTT!

Before I get to the meat let me talk about something I did sign up for. We have had 9 straight days of legit temps 100 degrees or better with more on the way. Everything is burnt up, brown and brittle. The inside of the NO Princess Palace is dark as a cave 24/7 with the InfraStop White Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation covering every window and vent

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Not My Reality

July 5th marks the third anniversary of the absence of female companionship in the NO Princess Palace. Certainly there have been some half-hearted attempts to remedy that situation. Mostly they fizzle when the discovery phase reveals I live in an RV. One exchange that showed promise evaporated when I was asked to describe the interior of the Palace. When I replied “think trapper cabin like on one of those Alaskan reality shows” that was the

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Lifestyle Headache

My Bro wins the fight with a West TX buzztail. Exemplary trigger protocol on an old school S&W 5906.

Well in to the summer down here in the puckerbrush even though the calendar says we are a coupla weeks shy; several days already over 100 with oppressive humidity. That equals energy in the atmosphere and that means severe thunderstorms. Had one blow through here a week or so ago from the northwest with

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