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Another - Dispatch from the Secret Hideout

The Hideout

Along about the seventh day of our time off I was trying to remember why we should go back to the Pucker Brush anyway. It certainly wasn’t the standing ankle deep in suckish mud while caliche dust simultaneously caked your eyes. Or trying to remember the Spanglish for ‘Slow yer ass down.’ Or tieing the garbage to the generator so it wouldn’t blow off toward Lubbock. You know it is time

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Change in Latitude

Tuco the Dog

4:18am Saturday 12/21/2013. The A/C just kicked on in the Princess Palace. Tuco the Dog doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. A silly dog doesn’t care if it is necessary to run the A/C 4 days before Christmas. Go figure.

The little trio that is us blew out of the pucker brush for some long overdue time away from anything that even remotely resembled oil patch commerce.

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Brush Country Santa

When you fall off down here into the South Texas Brush country to be an oil field gate guard the world as you know it changes. Stay down here long enough and you will be amazed when you venture back into the real world that everyone is not driving a white Ford F250 Super Duty.

I reckon me and Miss K have been down here and doin’ it long enough to offer up some advice

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Is this thing on?

We moved locations this past Thursday — back to the Main Gate for us. The other location at the Tank Farm had wi-fi to transmit data to HQ in Midland and the owner had graciously given us permission to piggyback on to his network. It was smokin’ fast and I am afraid it near ruint me. I even watched some youtubes and I haven’t had the wherewithall to do that in years. So now we

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