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That Bowling Equipment

Sunday morning at the Hideout

When you are working a location as an oilfield security guard there are some universal rules even though you are a 1099 contractor. No guns, no drugs, no alcohol.  I always abide by the rules even when the Company Man pointedly asks me if “I have protection?” and then follows the statement up with the reveal of a rather large handgun and “This place is the Wild West. I damn sure wouldn’t be down here without protection.” So what is a fella to do?   I got a security dog that does not always play

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A Full Days Pay; Harvey's Gone

Hurricane Harvey shortly after landfall

A few years back I hit a rough spot –Easter Sunday 2013 to be exact.  My RV – the Old Girl – was damaged beyond repair and the Big Ass Suburban was not driveable;  all in less than 5 minutes.  I remember well the feelings of hopelessness, despair and uncertainty.  I remember being overwhelmed and thinking ‘ I will never get through this.’  I did something I never thought I would do and asked for your help.  Without the financial help of all of you,  my recovery would have been much less successful.  The extra

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Adios Harvey - 12 Noon Sunday

Flooding in Houston from the interwebz

Things here just north of Fowlerton continue to improve.  0.5″ of rain overnight which gives me a slim total of 1.3″ of rain so far.  As predicted, the low pressure system that was Hurricane Harvey is moving south back toward the Gulf.  Stick a fork in me.

Over towards Houston, not so much.  The State of Texas and FEMA are responding in good time with helicopters, boats, the National Guard and every First Responder available.  All in all an incredible response.  It is NOT enough.   2000 rescues so far and that is just a

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Hello Harvey - 12 Noon Saturday

Harvey makes landfall at Rockport

Did you know we have yet another Bush holding public office here in Texas?  Yep, George P Bush, Jeb’s oldest boy, is Texas Land Commissioner.  He was just on the Weather Channel talking about all the relief efforts and the supplies that have been pre-positioned. Texas knows how to do this stuff.  We bailed out New Orleans after Katrina if you recall.  Bush said “This is a marathon – not a sprint.”  How right he is!  On Monday night Harvey is supposed to be back  close to where he made landfall Friday night.  How crazy

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