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The Flower Garden

Puckerbrush flower garden -such as it is.

My flower garden ain’t much to look at huh? Under the drip from the fresh water fill on the NO Princess Palace gives it just that teeeny edge necessary to survive in this harsh environment.   I got an irritating habit of forgetting the water is on when I fill the tank and many times there is some blow by.   The wildflowers herald the start of Spring down here in South Texas and today was the first day to swap over to the summer uniform.
5.11 Taclite shorts, 5.11 Vented shirt and

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On that Coffee.........

Boiled coffee

Regular readers know my Miss K does not assume a human life form until that first cup of morning coffee is complete.  Hey, it is what it is and a good man learns how to deal with it.  Back in the day I fueled with Diet Pepsi.  Many, many cans consumed over the course of a day and even a fool knows that is no bueno.  Older and wiser, work smarter not harder is the mantra these days.  I still drink  2 cans of soda at the start of my long gate guarding day and the preferred

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A man can only drink so much coffee

Our neighbor across the caliche road on a foggy and chilly morning.

It is tough to describe Texas weather to them that have not actually lived through a change of seasons down South Texas way.   When I am reading the various RV forums, seems like the wind is what rattles our Winter Snowbirds the hardest.   Livin’ with the wind day in and day out,  you get to where you don’t pay it much mind most of the time.  About the only time it gets to me is when you can’t push the door open or you have to tie

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The Fabric of Life - Voice of Midnight

I didn’t know you before I was 14 years old, really

Voice of Midnight

Don’t want to go too soon
Don’t want to stay too long
Don’t want to go too quick into the night
Don’t want to linger on and on

Don’t want to leave you a mess
Don’t want to cause a fuss
Roll me into the hole
And cover me up

I’d like to know when it’s coming
Just a little time to prepare
When the voice of midnight comes
And into oblivion I stare

There’s no one waitin’ on me
No heaven or hell
The only vow I

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