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Routine RV Maintenance

Since the weather has been decent and we have been unable

Quality Filters are an absolute requirement

to work, the break has provided an opportunity to perform maintenance work on all the equipment. Minor repairs and upgrades, fluid and filter changes have been the order of the day around here for the last week. With all the work completed on the heavy equipment, the Old Girl’s number came up. The engine is

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Aerial Photos

And now for something completely different… The property owners at our various jobs love aerial photos of their property. Who wouldn’t? We try to oblige. (Click on any image to see it full size)

1969 Cessna 182

Texas is a huge state and if you have to cover alot of ground in a hurry, an airplane is the only way to go. it has been this way in Texas for decades. Texas

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Trying Times

The job here at Calvert, TX has been frustrating.

Rust on the dozer blade due to non-use

A wet El Nino winter coupled with an odd soil structure has hindered our ability to work. The soil here has 2-3′ of organic matter (topsoil) on top of a layer of clay. When saturated, the clay acts as an impervious barrier that keeps the water from draining away.

It has been almost 3 weeks

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The NASCAR Barometer

I was in second grade when Kennedy was assassinated. I was 13 years old in 1968. These days I feel like I grew up in a different country and was somehow transported to a foreign land on my 52nd birthday. Nothing makes good sense any more. Karzai says the Taliban are viable and threatens to align with them after we have spent billions and shed American blood trying to save his pitiful ass; our

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