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Big Bend as a State of Mind

The Big Bend area assails every sensibility to which we have become accustomed in our insulated lives.

Terlingua Ghost Town

If you require the normal and the mundane, this area will make you uncomfortable. I was ill prepared while thinking I was ultimately cool and unaffected. Just doesn’t work that way down here. Big Bend is in your face; all the time. Life is by the drop and hard won. The people

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Readers Write- That West Texas Thing

Reader Vickie writes:

I am enjoying the hell out of your blog. Reminds me of when I was a child and discovered the western desert with my Daddy via the farm to market, ranch and oilfield roads. When I was about 8 my Daddy took me down to Ozona on a rig he was working on. Going there we traveled the major highways and Interstate 10. But coming home, oh that was a different journey

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Eerie Silence

I detest the travel blogs that delve into the minutiae. “We went to the pancake breakfast and there were alot of people there and it was $2 for all you could eat. The pancakes were OK but they were sorta skimpy on the syrup” What is it about people and breakfast?? ” Well, it is Tuesday so I had oatmeal and tomorrow is Wednesday so I will be eating Pop Tarts and gravy. That’s

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The Big Nothing

Jumping off west bound from Del Rio on the 90 is the Big Nothing. Mostly flat and pretty featureless, it is non-descript near desert. US 90 is the only west-east route on Texas south of I-10. There is nothing else. Traffic is light – almost to the point of being non-existent. 80% of the traffic was La Migra;

Border Patrol checking for sign.

the Border Patrol in their distinctive white vehicles with

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