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American Boys Hate to Lose....

Andy’s note: I never served in the Armed Forces but I do acknowledge our freedom has been won by our best and brightest for the last 235 years, the victories bought with blood and lives. I find it exceedingly hard to watch the downward spiral of a once great country where the sacrifices of the few for our greater good are minimized by the likes of those hellspawn heretics at Westboro Baptist. There are brief

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It's the Snake Thing Again

A couple of evenings ago I was sitting at the dinette relaxing after a long day of oil field gate guarding and noticed a pair of headlights stop on the road about 200yds from the Old Girl. They backed up, made a little jink toward the ditch and backed up again. The guy got out for a few minutes and then drove on up to the Old Girl to check out the gate. It was

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Howling Winds, Dry Lines, Will this be on the Test?

I don't look surly do I?

I am not much of a morning talker. When Miss Kathy and I change shifts in the pre-dawn hours, she is wore out and ready for bed and I am not conducive to conversation to say the least. Some shifts are tougher than others. When you have crews changing out or equipment moving in or out, it can make for a busy shift. If the weather sucks,

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A Quick Read....

Miss K controlling traffic

I normally try to do at least 700 words to constitute a decent blog post; I think I will fall short today. We have been really busy this week– 1 rig drilling; they will punch two holes side by side and be here for about a month if all goes well. 3 workover rigs; even though they have smaller crews they are running 24/7 and 3 of them add

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