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Working the List

Santa Elena Canyon Big Bend, TX

The departure date of 8/2 for the West Texas Ramble draws ever closer and I cannot wait to get back to Terlingua. A 3 week trip with plans for land improvements while we are out there requires a pile of stuff. The TO DO List is not growing but it is not getting much smaller either. Most of it involves money…… (sigh)

One of the biggest drawbacks

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Broke a Nail - Hate It When That Happens

Miss K woke up late morning yesterday after I was already in the more inside than outside mode. I like to sit outside during the cool of a morning to alleviate to some teeny degree of the cabin fever and boredom that go hand in hand with the oil field gate guard job. I think we are at 25 straight days of temps over 100 here in North Texas. As I write this at 4:13am,

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Readers Write- A Question on Oil Field Gate Guarding

Lately, I have been getting beau coup questions on the oilfield gate guarding gig…

Reader Bill writes:

Here’s a question. Wife and I will be in Texas in a few weeks and we are looking into gate guarding.

What makes a good vs. a poor or indifferent gate guard? Doing one’s best is usually the surest way to enjoy your work, but I’d be interested in knowing what a company would be looking for in

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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Two scant weeks until we blow out of Red River Country and commence the West Texas Ramble.


Two weeks….. The list of things to do is amended on a daily basis with far more items being added than crossed off. If I was a sniveler I would complain about the heat and the growing list of tasks. 16 days straight of temps at 100 degrees or more. It is near impossible to exert yourself

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