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Like a Rooster Wearing Socks

I got a sack full of pet peeves. Most of ’em I deal with privately but peeves they still be. One of the peeves in my sack is the posting of videos and such on blogs…. I rarely do it. Just because I like something doesn’t particularly mean you should find it appealing as well. Maybe it is the concept of self-important vanity that makes us expect such as that. So just humor me occasionally

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Not On the Schedule

I am not one of those guys that has a problem being flexible – most of the time. Miss Kathy probably has a different opinion. I do like looking forward to a hot shower and an hour or so of downtime at the end of a long shift.

Yesterday afternoon was no different. A dreary, chilly rainy day was drawing to a close. Gusty winds had skewed the DISH dish around and I spent the

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Lonestar Beer is for Tourists - Part Two

The National Beer of Texas? — ummmmmm, no.

These days you can’t take much at face value or at least it seems that way. That nice lady with cancer in Nigeria that emailed you really doesn’t need your help getting that US $35 million out of the country. Lone Star is now owned by Pabst Brewing and they haven’t brewed it in San Antone since 2000. Get my drift? Smoke and mirrors. Talk

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Lonestar Beer is for Tourists - Part One

When I mention our home base is/will be Terlingua, most Texans have a general idea of where and what I am talking about. Texas is a whole ‘nother country you know. That is what they say anyway. Terlingua is even another country beyond that.

Texas is not for the faint of heart nor the easily cowed. Discount the Metro areas of the state which exhibit the same metro-ness of any other heavily populated area in

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