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A Job of Questionable Benefit

My brain on crack – sometimes it just goes there and I can’t do a thing about it.

So the scenario is an employee in a big hotel goes up to the hotel manager and proposes this:

‘Hey boss, I go an idea for a new position. Why don’t we put a guy in the restroom dressed in a tux. He can give out mints and gum and hand towels to the folks that come

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Uber-Urban Oilfield Gate Guarding

Raise your hand if you think mud sucks

Never been a fan of that Big City thing that so many folks got going on. Not that there is a danged thing wrong with it; just not my dealio. Oh, I did it for decades; commuting through traffic snarls, wearing shiny shoes and the like but it was like dying from a thousand cuts. So you are going to ask, right? Just how in

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Living Close to the Real

No Mud-No Trains; Lots of room!

Thank goodness we got away from the trains and mud over there in Cleburne. That was one of the most depressing sites I have ever been on. The new gate guard site is an established production pad in the mid cities area of the Metromess. Probably 2 acres or more of hard well drained gravel pad with a fence encircling it. They have ‘special plans’ for us

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Merry Christmas to all.....

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