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Stocking up

Home for now… weed wash in the foreground

We easily become accustomed to conveniences which are soon taken for granted. One of the easiest services to take for granted and the hardest to duplicate out here oil field gate guarding is mail service. We have had a ‘permanent address’ over at Livingston, TX for a few years now and use the Escapees Mail Forwarding service. Escapees is not the cheapest service but this

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Putting in the time

Blue skies so vivid it appears unreal in West Texas

Tuco the Dog and I are eating our morning snack — strawberry Pop Tarts and coffee at 5am on a nondescript weekday morning. What day is it? What does it matter? Maybe later, somebody I am checking in will mention it is Monday or Thursday in off hand conversation. I care about it little enough to even check to see what day it

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Another Hole Done

Weed washing in the snow- not a job I want.

Most likely as you are reading this, Miss K and I are packing up the Old Girl and the DTBs. The assignment here east of Iraan,TX is drawing to a close after 45 days. We fully expect to return to this immediate area because much of what is going on is exploratory and experimental in nature. If they get the results they are

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Fabric of Life - Sad News to Report

A long history of personal protection around my place

Fulltime RVers are a pretty independent lot. Those that choose to try their hand at oil field gate guarding kick it up a notch further. It is little wonder then that some of the discussions over in the MyOldRV Gate Guard Forum get ummmmm – lively. One of the liveliest discussions recently has centered around basic search and seizure rights as an American citizen

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