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Ramble on Wayne! Ramble on Garth!

East of Cotulla 80 days into what was supposed to be a 40 day job. They trip pipe, they go back in the hole. The directional crew shows up, they go home, they come back a week later. Flatbeds of casing pipe show up at midnight and are gone by first light. The company supplying drill bits is here 3X in one day and stays gone for the next 2 weeks. It has been a

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Dog Eat Dog

I have been mulling this whole Hurricane Sandy thing over in my mind for the past month. I posted about it on the blog and the post was one of the lower rated ones I have written. It elicited many reader comments to the fact that those big city folks were doing everything they could do given their situation.

As Miss Kathy and I watched Sandy swirling up the Eastern Seaboard headed directly for a

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Interesting Folks

I tend to read a variety of blogs and news sites — what else is there to do at 4am EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Some of the blogs stick with me and some don’t. I have repeated it over and over that to be a GOOD blogger — write when you got something to say! Of course that is my curmudgeonly opinion because I reckon some folks like the blogs where they tell you what they

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Marching Orders

Miss K has a superb grasp of the quality of her kitchen help.

“Take turkey out of fridge.”

We sure do have plenty to be thankful for today. Y’all enjoy your day as well.

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