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The Big Hails

Big Hail Aftermath 3/31/2013

One year ago , Easter Sunday 3/31/2013, hail as big as grapefruit descended on our little South Texas enclave. In the space of just a few minutes, the hail and 80mph winds managed to destroy the Old Girl and do over $6k damage to the Big Ass Suburban.

With the help of our online family and the fact not a day of work was missed, the Old Girl was

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Puckerbrush Feng Shui

When we were down at the other gate on this ranch they were building a tank battery directly across the drive from us. They brought in about 40-11 loads of caliche rock and as with all things caliche it was about 50 loads more than I thought they could possibly use. In amongst all this crushed caliche were some round rocks. Miss K inquired about them because they were a puzzlement to her and the

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A Lifetime of Stoopid

Self portrait: Puckerbrush Curmudgeon at 58

You ever been able to look back and pinpoint exactly where your life took a turn onto a different road? Uh huh, me too. Once upon a time, schools in America actually taught subjects you had to master before they allowed you to pass on to the next grade or graduate. Novel concept that has been sidestepped and deemed unnecessary in 21st Century Estados Unidos. My downfall

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After and Before

Big Hats – 2013 and 2014 models

The warm weather coming on means the time has come for the Big Hat wearin’. Y’all know I am an advocate of the wearin’ of Big Hats down here in the Puckerbrush. Crispy ear tops and blistered noses are bad juju and it will damned sure happen if you are doing that gate guard thing down here in the High Summer. Now if you

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