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Another Year Older

Self portrait. 59 year old recluse?

Today is the day, 59 years old, and it will go unremarked by most. ‘S alright. be remembered by a few people that are unbelievably dear to me even after decades apart. The inclination to throw a wide social loop is lessening with each day forward. The dictionary says a recluse is a “ a person who leads a secluded or solitary life” and I am disposed

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Christmas 2014

Ummm and this…..

I had folks unsubscribe yesterday because of the slight cheesecake, Vargas-like pic. Good thing those weak sisters have no influence on me atall; to my thinkin’ any way.

Oh well! Being politically correct, societal polite and not cussin’ has always been one of weak points. Not like I am gonna change now. Just sayin’………..

Not PC, in general bad taste and

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Christmas Eve

BFF Cait from years gone by…………


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