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After all, It is just an RV

The Old Girl on a high ridge above Cranfills Gap, TX ca. 2007

When I bought the Old Girl, what was it? Almost 10 years ago? there was no cognizance regarding a recreational vehicle as a central fixture of my Master Plan. It was a whim. I was fat. Crossed my mind an RV would be a nice toy. I bought one. Every thing happens for a reason. I knew that then. I

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Facing the Music

“For those who still believe what happens over there does not affect us over here….”

On Chattanooga……… Catastrophic happenings of the world might be held out arm’s length until some event hits home and it becomes up close and personal in less than the single beat of your heart. Folks are just funny about that.

And so it went this week when I got an email from BFF Cait “Have you got the

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July Vignettes

At the Secret Hideout

122 days here at the Secret Hideout.

Been to the real grocery store 3x for a total of about $325. Much of that was restocking some hard goods that had become depleted and refilling the freezer with protein. One of the alt-blogs I visit issued a challenge to its’ readers yesterday with the encouragement to post the experience to the comments section. The challenge was to unplug from

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