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Unabated Adventure

The more I follow this path; the more routine and mundane it seems to become.

The caliche dust gets so thick, you cannot see oncoming traffic unless their headlights are on.

Yet, when I tell of my escapades, the eyes of the listener widen in incredulity and disbelief. Could I be that far from the mainstream track? Maybe, I dunno and will not spend much time contemplating it.

My fill-in

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Pic from the first blog. The Old Girl on the job near Newton,TX ca. 2/2009

I have given up writing a post this week a half dozen times in the last two days; retreating to my Kindle each time. It is SO much easier to pick the reader up after an interruption than it is to regain my train of thought and continue writing a blog entry. The shift I work from noon

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Gods of the Copybook Headings*

Day’s Dawning at The Porch House Gate

Ed. note: Jumping up every few minutes to check in a vehicle does not promote coherency when attempting to write. Take it for what it is.

It is away from the Porch House Gate for myself and a loyal dog. Six weeks they said as far as our expected tenure; it was six weeks and three days. I can’t complain. The good news for those

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Fabric of Life - Wrongfun

Been awhile since I did a Fabric of Life piece. I am overdue for real. If you had your heart set on some reading material focused on soft little kitties and magic ponies, you hit the wrong place today. Just sayin’…………

My maternal grandparents. Stern stock

I do not think there has been a day go by lately that I read or see or hear something about goings on out in the world

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