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Plan B blowed up

The early years?

So there I was……….

Hangin’ out free in the RV park waiting on a new gate. ‘Bout 2000 on Sunday night and I was at the laundromat washing clothes when I got the call. Gate down south of Encinal (way south!) and they wanted me there at 0800-0900 in the AM. Fairly typical notification without alot of info. I asked they routine questions – What kind of gate is it?

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Plan B

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Down at the Office

I was released off my gate north of Fowlerton,TX on Thursday after 23 months onsite. The hardest thing to do was leave Tuco the Dog behind.

Currently I am chillin’ out at company expense whilst they look for me a new assignment; nice park too. Vela Von is a trooper, just taking everything in stride with no apparent angst dealing with the only

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A Full Days Pay; Harvey's Gone

Hurricane Harvey shortly after landfall

A few years back I hit a rough spot –Easter Sunday 2013 to be exact. My RV – the Old Girl – was damaged beyond repair and the Big Ass Suburban was not driveable; all in less than 5 minutes. I remember well the feelings of hopelessness, despair and uncertainty. I remember being overwhelmed and thinking ‘ I will never get through this.’ I did something I never

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