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Well, the good news is....

Shattered tempered glass

First part of the week, my bro and I had to fly to East Texas for 2 days.  I left the Chevrolet Suburban at the local airport. The City maintains the former war time landing strip nicely even though the facilities there are not staffed. At some point during our absence, the City decided to mow the grass. When we returned to the airport, I discovered the left side window on the Suburban was shattered – most likely due to a rock thrown during mowing.

Oh well! I thought about calling the City and holding them responsible but reconsidered when I thought about the ill will that might be created by such an action. I am sure the rock incident was accidental and most likely, the City Employee did not even know the damage had been done. Why get him in trouble over a few bucks? The City had been awfully good to us.

Friday was the first down day and my job for the day was to get the glass replaced. I was not going to claim it on insurance since I have a high deductible. I called several places and the prices and services offered varied wildly. An auto salvage yard wanted $100 for a salvage piece, a place in Hearne wanted $175 installed but couldn’t get the glass until Monday. Finally I called David’s Auto Glass in College Station (979-775-1545). After just a few seconds on the phone, I figured out David was a one man show and he was going to get my business. His price was $160 installed and when I told him I was poor and would install it myself, he said the glass alone would be $60. He was going to put the glass in his truck and just call him when I got close to College Station and he would tell me where he was working. He also offered to take the door panel off — no charge!

I met David at the Cadillac House and he started to take the door panel off. I quickly saw how complicated this door panel was compared to the ones I had removed in the past and I guess my 20 questions showed my concern with getting the job done myself. David took pity on me ( 🙂 ) and offered to do the whole job for $100. I jumped at the chance! What would have taken me 3 hours of frustration and most likely some cussing took him 20 minutes. Money well spent I say! David was a man of few words with the weathered, hard hands of one who makes a living really working. He was a young student at A&M, got married and quickly realized he needed an income. He worked in a glass shop for 3 years and then went out on his own. That was in 1981. So he is one year short of being in business by himself for 30 years. Good stuff if you ask me.

Now we have worked all over the state and I have been in every contiguous state during my life. Lots pf people and lots of different ways of living. There is just something about the people here in the Bryan – College Station area that is refreshing and enjoyable. Great friendly people with a level of intelligence that I am sure is due to the huge influence of Texas A&M in this area. I am not sure if the University caused the bar to be raised a couple of notches above normal or if the people in the area caused the University to be the way it is. Whatever the chemistry involved, I have to say it certainly works. This eastern part of the Texas Hill Country is quickly becoming my favorite part of the state!

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