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The Fountain of Doom

Most RV’ers know about the dreaded Pyramid of Doom or you should! The Pyramid of Doom happens when you are hooked to a septic system and you leave the drain valves open on your holding tanks. Now, leaving the drain valve open on the gray tank is perfectly fine. It fills up quickest and it is much less effort if you just leave it open to run into the septic system. I usually close mine off a day or so before the black tank hits the full mark. That gives me some gray water to rinse the lines with when I dump the black tank. It really reduces the ick factor of your stinky slinky.

Leaving the black tank open is a whole nuther matter. The liquids will drain out and leave the solid matter piled up over the drain valve opening. It gets bigger and bigger ultimately resulting in the dreaded Pyramid of Doom. Once that happens, you have some tough work ahead of you to get it out. I don’t even know the tools or methods you would have to employ to destroy the Pyramid and I don’t wanna know!

So on a hot, dusty, miserably humid day last week I came in for lunch and saw the black tank was full. I discovered early on that the stinky slinky is an important piece of equipment and in this case, you get what you pay for. I tried the cheap Wal Mart varieties. The fittings were miserably attached and would pop loose at inopportune moments. I ended up securing them with automotive hose clamps that cost almost as much as El Stinko Slinko. Not real smart. The hot Texas summers also wreak havoc on the cheap plastic covering of the pipe. The intense UV radiation utterly destroys it in short order and it starts to look like Swiss cheese. I eventually settled on the Camco 39683 RV RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit with 15′ Hose and Fitting

Camco 39683 RV RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit with 15' Hose and Fitting

The RhinoFLEX pipe is thicker and the connector fittings are infinitely better than the el cheapo brand. The current RhinoFLEX pipe has been doing its’ ‘dooty’ for 18 months now – more or less – and I went out to pull the handles on the holding tanks with out a worry in the world. It is sad how fast things can go from bliss to a world full of  crap. I pulled the black tank handle and turned around to see a spray of crap erupting from the RhinoFLEX at the point where it bent to go into the septic tank. It was fountain of brown sludge, it was a fan of disgust, it was a spray of totally aerated crap. Lost my appetite for that ham sandwich I had set my sights on for lunch right then and there.

The failed RhinoFLEX hose

The RhinoFLEX hose had succumbed to the ravages of the intense UV rays. Once the torrent o’ crap subsided, I rinsed off the hose sorta kinda and donned my rubber crap gloves and attempted to cut the ruptured portion of pipe away and reattach it. It was hot, sweat was dripping off the brim of my hat and my whole world smelled like crap. Every time I cut away a section of hose, the next section tore apart as well. The whole pipe was just just stinkin’ rotten. I was probably very lucky to have gotten by with it as long as I did.

I do not fault the Camco 39683 RV RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit with 15′ Hose and Fitting. 18 months out in the weather would do any flexible hose in I am thinking. I went out and replaced the old hose with new RhinoFLEX. I still think it is the best product on the market for the money.

End Note:
It Ain’t Easy Being Me By Chris Knight from the Trailer II album. Sparse and tight. One man and one acoustic guitar. I have always liked Chris Knight.

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2 comments to The Fountain of Doom

  • Oh crap! That hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m sure it’s coming sooner or later. It’s been two years now, but I do keep it covered and wrapped in bubble wrap. The sunlight never hits it. That reminds me, I’m going to double check to make sure I closed it yesterday.

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  • Dale

    LOL!!!!!! Oh my, your descriptions are….poetic and funny and very detailed. Guess I’ll be checking the condition of my stinky slinky to avoid my own Fountain of Doom.

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