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Extreme boondocking in a famous place…..

Have you seen the ads all over TV for Visit Las Vegas where they flew the entire town of Cranfills Gap, TX to Vegas? In the fall of 2007, we did not know we were doing a job in a soon to be famous place. The job in itself was unusual. The landowner was a Texas native;  a doctor who had moved to Anchorage,AK right after graduation to practice. He told us he could make more money per year in Alaska than any place else and retire earlier. We were going to build him a nice lake on his retirement property and the closest we came to meeting him was his brother who visited the jobsite regularly.

The jobsite itself was rough.  No amenities whatsoever in a rocky landscape.

A million dollar view from the ridge

A million dollar view from the ridge

The property was on a high ridge which fell 600 feet to the valley below.   We built the lake in the valley and the Doc told us where his million dollar retirement house was going to be built.  We cleared the house site on the ridge overlooking the lake and that is where I parked the Fish Bus.  I bragged to everyone that I enjoyed  a million dollar view for 6 weeks. Pretty cool stuff.

it was a tough site. We killed 4 rattlesnakes the first day on the job. In the morning when I came out of the bus,  I was likely to see a tarantula on the steps or a rattlesnake underneath them.

We were there for 6 weeks and i settled into a regular routine. With almost 2 million dollars worth of equipment on the job, it was imperative to have someone living on site to provide 24 hr security and that was me and the Dolphin 32D.  The other two Rvs in our party stayed at an RV park in Graham.  The routine was to leave the jobsite every Saturday and drive to Graham.  I would go to the to RV park dump my tanks and fill the fresh water holding tanks.  Then it was back to the remote site for another week.   My propane was replenished by my brother when needed as he commuted back and forth to work.

This was August in Texas and surprisingly I only had to run the AC during a few hot nights. There was generally a nice breeze on top pf the ridge.

Onsite @ Cranfills Gap. The front grill is removed to facillatate cooling of the generator.

Onsite @ Cranfills Gap. The front grill is removed to facilitate cooling of the generator.

The rest of the time I was able to get by on running the propane fueled Generac generator two hours per evening. My records indicate I ran the Generac generator 112 hours during this time period.  I was able to watch TV and use the computer as needed because both of them are powered by my Xantrex inverter.

All in all, it was not a bad experience.  I had to take navy showers to conserve water. I had to watch the amp drain on my batteries but that was easy with the Trimetric 2020 battery panel.  I had to make sure I had enough propane to run the generator and I had to watch for rattlesnakes.  Not your normal every day life in a cubicle but I am sure I would find cubie life hopelessly boring.  It is better this way!

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