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Things Happen in Threes — The Fantastic Vent Fan Bites the Dust

First it was the LaCie External hard drive and the Zune 120 gig mp3 player and then I started to get concerned about my Fantastic Vent Fan.  The Fantastic  Fan has been running 24/7 since the first day I took the Old Girl home; going on 4 years now.  Day in and day out, hour after hour, the fan has been exhausting the cigarette smoke out of the Fish Bus.

A month or more ago, the fan started making a harmonic noise that was really irritating.   I was hoping maybe it was just dirty so I pulled the screen off for a closer inspection.    It wasn’t the dirt causing the noise.  The motor shaft was wobbling and causing the fan to wobble as well – and make that noise.   So I lived with the noise for weeks because we all have a degree of procrastination.   This past week,  the fan started slowing down and making even more noise.  I shut it off and it would not restart.  Well, it would restart if I stuck something up through the screen and sorta spun the blades.  I figured the procrastinating had finally run its’ course and the time had come to take action.

This past Friday a call was placed to Fantastic Fan in Michigan.  When you read the various Internet RV  Forums, two companies always are mentioned when it comes to stellar customer service.  Progressive Industries, manufacturers of outstanding electrical protection equipment for RVs,  and Fantastic Fan.  I knew this was going to a blog entry so I figured I might as well call a spade a spade.   This fan was in an RV that is 17 years old and I knew for a fact it had been running nonstop for at least 4 years.  All of this information was truthfully relayed to the Service Tech at Fantastic Fan.   He asked several questions and had me go up on the roof and tighten the plunger switch that shuts the fan off when the vent is closed.

None of his instructions helped.  I knew that Fantastic Fan says they have a two year warranty — don’t believe it.

the replacement Fantastic Vent Fan

They are a proud American owned family success story and business is still done old school. They stand behind their product. No proof of purchase or are you the original owner or anything like that.

Steve got my address and told me a replacement fan was on its’ way. That was LATE Friday. The fan made it from Michigan to Central Texas in 4 days which means it was probably mailed Friday. Unbelievable! I have to tell you I had missed the fan more than I thought. With the Fish Bus all closed up and the outside temps hitting the century mark every day it was definitely getting stuffy and stale inside the Old Girl.

Installing the Fantastic Vent Fan

It was a ten minute job to get up on the roof and replace the fan. Snip-snip two wires, 4 screws and re-wire and it was ready to go. I sure do enjoy it running silently over my head right now.

I can remember back in the day when Customer Service meant more than talking to a foreigner on the phone or punch 1 for yes and 2 for No; entangled in some bizarre automated phone response system that is designed to frustrate rather than help. People should stand behind the product they produce. They should be proud of it and think their reputation is on the line each time their product is purchased. If our consumer expectations were higher, the companies would man up. We have just been conditioned to accept half assed as the acceptable norm. Sad state of affairs if you ask me.

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Things Happen in Threes -- The Fantastic Vent Fan Bites the Dust, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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2 comments to Things Happen in Threes — The Fantastic Vent Fan Bites the Dust

  • What awesome customer service!!
    Two things I hat in live, halfassness (new word?) and shortcuts….which alway leads to halfassness!

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  • Richard

    Ditto X two and three cheers for Fantastic Fan! ~~ I put too much beef into manually opening the stuck fan hatch and sheared the gears. Called the good folks at Fantastic Fan, told them of my brute force approach and like you was sent a replacement part pronto, no charge. Viva Americano hecho

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