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Dross, Sloth, Procrastination

“I also have in mind that seemingly wealthy, but terribly impoverished class of all, who have accumulated dross, but know not how to use it, or get rid of it, and thus have forged their own golden or silver fetters.” —Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Finally! Got some Big Doin’s starting to happen here.

The Big Hole

The lake is about done for now. The crew is supposed to be here on or about the 15th to put in the 40 mil plastic liner. After they do that, we will have about a week left to cover the liner with a foot of dirt and do the final grading. The bad part about working a little here and a little more there is you get out of the groove… and I start to get whiny and lazy and procrastinate. “Its’ too hot outside.” or ” I can do that tomorrow.” or “Sure, another beer won’t hurt a thing.”

So the only thing I know to do is pack up all this dross, shake off the sloth and DO SOMETHING. Even if the timing sucks, even if the bank account is low, even if you are worried about that old tire on the drive axle…. Just DO it. Yep, Roadtrip. The Old Girl has wheels and they have been sitting on this Calvert clay long enough. The Old Girl has a full tank of diesel and I am not afraid to use it. Gotta be better than sitting here and watching the clay bake and the grass turn brown and wondering if the little hummers are going to explode spontaneously in a momentary flash of bright incandescence as they wing it through this merciless heat. Now there’s an odd thought. I gotta get out of this place – and soon.

My daughter, husband and grandson Hank the Tank arrived in San Antonio last Tuesday from Aviano Air Base in Italy. The son in laws little bro graduated from Air Force Basic on Friday and the Montana in-laws all came down for the event.

Hank the Tank and Pops-- A long year ago

I stayed my distance to let them have time with the Montana bunch. This week, they will be traveling over to Baytown to spend the week with my folks. Better believe I will be front and center for that one. It has been a year since I have seen them so we got some catching up to do.

So what is the big deal about driving the hundred and a half from here to Baytown and parking in my folks’ driveway for a week? Well, it is a big family deal. Great Grands and Grands and Uncles and Aunts and Nieces and Nephews and everything that goes along with it. I have been looking forward to this epic visitation since back in the early spring.

But of course, there is more going on than the epic visitation. I still have that West Texas thing going on and it has been slowly migrating from the back of my mind to the front over the last few weeks.

The Chisos Mountains of Big Bend

I hate when I have too much idle time because my slight OCDness really comes to the front and too much caffeine exacerbates it. So the loose plan as it stands now includes a trip out to West Texas. Baytown out toward that Terlingua, the refuge of rogues and artists and (old) hippies. Not to mention a sizable dose o’ Hunter S. Thompson-esque weirdness. I think the Old Girl can slide into town out that way  with nary a ripple in the cosmic continuum which oughta appease the Locals.

I glanced briefly at the maps earlier today. The optimum routing is the I-10 west baby. A straight shot to Ft. Stockton and then south through Alpine to Terlingua and the Big Bend. The Old Girl nor the Pilot do well on the high speed funnels of the interstate system with the big ass Suburban in tow. The particular stretch of the I-10 in question is also horrifically boring. My route is going to skirt San Antone to the south and run the skinny roads through deepest South Texas. I am thinking it is just what is needed to shake the funk and get back trackin’ like I should. Oughta be interesting reading for all of you as well.

End Note:   Why You Been Gone So Long? by Matt Hillyer and the other tattooed  hippie freaks of Eleven Hundred Springs  from the Band Wagon CD.

For My Daughter. She loves Eleven Hundred Springs.   Can’t wait to see you Cait.

Doesn’t hurt that it is good damned music as well.

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2 comments to Dross, Sloth, Procrastination

  • don

    We took US 90 from Marathon east to Del Rio and Uvalde a few years ago. It was a nice drive. You wouldn’t like to run out of gas out there but otherwise great. Might run into a few Border Patrol folks these days.

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    • admin


      My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the verification it is still a good route. It has been 20 years since I have been across there.

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