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Don't Get Run Over by State Farm..

I know the auto insurance companies delay and make things as difficult as possible to reduce the amount of money they pay out in claims.  I was warned State Farm was one of the worst.  Even with that being said, there is no excuse for their inattention and inept handling of my claim.

Every time I have called in to speak to them,   I have had to correct erroneous information in their accident file.  They originally had my Bro listed as the driver of the vehicle and had all his contact info.  Where they got that, I have no idea, they could not tell me.   I actually had to correct that twice.  After my intital phone call to them, I waited over a week for contact.  When I finally contacted them again, they said well we have been calling so and so at this number.  It was my bro’s number and his name.  So I corrected them the second time.

This past Friday, I contacted them once again and asked why an adjuster had not called me or I had not received instructions regarding getting the Suburban repaired.  The lady said the last time we talked that she had instructed me to contact her with a body shop name and number to do the work.  What?  I told her the last time we talked that she had told me fault had not yet been determined and she would contact me when they ruled who was the at fault driver.   I asked her to read her notes to me including the date of the call where she had instructed me to contact the body shop. She was unable to do that.

I told her I did have a body shop to do the work and I would contact her the following Monday with an appointment date so she could get her adjuster out there.  I did just that on Monday –except it was voicemail.  I get her voicemail about 80% if the times I call.   I figure that is part of the game.  I left a detailed voicemail telling her the Suburban was scheduled into the shop the Friday after Thanksgiving and I would need the rental car that she had previously agreed to.  I left a detailed message.  I left a long message.  I repeated the claim number twice.  I repeated my phone number and email address twice.  It was a long message.

On Friday, I thought I had better call just to make sure everything was in order.  That is a real vote of confidence, huh?  Being the day after a holiday, I guess they were short staffed.  I was on hold for 30 minutes before someone came on the line and said they were transferring me to claims and the line went dead.  Bastards!   I called right back and got through to a live person in the amazingly short time of 25 minutes.  I gave all my info and asked the woman –who was being every nice–if there were any notes in my file from this week.  She said the last notes were from this past Friday.  That meant my long voicemail had been totally blown off.  I asked her if corporate policy was to ignore voicemails and try to extend and complicate the claims process as long as possible?   She flatly denied that and said all voicemails had a required 24 hour response time.  I had my notes in front of me and proceeded to give her explicit details of the case to date and my dissatisfaction with the lady that had been assigned to my case.  I ended by asking to have a new claims representative assigned.  Evidently, I made my case and she said she had the authority to replace the representative and assign a new one.  She also said she was contacting Enterprise Rental Car and they would be in contact with me by 5pm to get the Suburban in the shop today.  That was at 2pm Friday.  I am writing this at 10pm Friday night and I have not heard a peep out of Enterprise.  Who knows?  Her instructions to Enterprise might have been to blow me off until Monday so they would not have to pay for a rental car over the weekend.  That is about how much I trust these bastards.

I went back to the doctor today.  I had to.  My neck and lower back are still paining me greatly.  I went through the small supply of muscle relaxers and pain pills the doctor assigned me the other week in short order.  You need to understand I don’t take pain meds.  The strongest thing I keep in my medicine cabinet is Tylenol and the small bottle usually lasts me a year or more.  I just don’t take pills.   I told State Farm I was working and I am sure that statement will come back to haunt me when I try to settle the medical portion of my claim.  The medical bills are steadily mounting.  The bad things about driving a dozer with a sore neck and back is that you spend half your time backing up and that means I got my neck twisted around … and they damned sure don’t ride like a Cadillac.  All that beating and banging is doing a number on me for sure.  By the end of the day,  I almost have to crawl out of the cab and the first thing I do when I get back to the Old Girl is grab the drugs.  I am sure State Farm is going to say I must not be hurt too bad to be working every day.  Well, you know what?  I don’t get sick days.  If I don’t work I don’t get paid.  End of story there.   I have made up my mind to tell them the truth and keep the lawyers out of this one.  I guess we will see how I get rewarded for taking the High Road with these dirty snakes.

The doctor today renewed my script for the muscle relaxers and the pain killers. He also added naproxen and a steroid to the mix.  On top of that, he ordered physical therapy 4x a week for a month.  I just don’t see how I can work that one in.

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