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The Suburban Repair Begins...

Enterprise finally came through with a rental Saturday A.M. They never did get the fullsized car State Farm has specified. We ended up with a 4 door Dodge Durango pick up with only 5k miles on it. So far my observations are the V6 engine would be better suited for a lawn tractor, the short bed is near useless and the seats are as hard as a Baptist church pew. The doors also close with a dull thud, the same sound as when you drop a full can of beer on the pavement. I am not greatly impressed. This is the first Dodge truck I have been in since I bought a 1977 Dodge Powerwagon. I hated that thing and soon traded it for a Chevy 3/4 ton 4X4 with one of those big old broom handle manual floor shifts. Now that was a truck! The Enterprise guys said I would probably have to switch out cars Monday when they got a full sized one car in. They better be on the ball Monday morning ’cause we have plans to get outta town PDQ Monday.

I took a close look at the Suburban this weekend and Miss Kathy took a look while following me back from Sherman Saturday. I knew I had taken a hard lick by how sore my back is and the fact that the 6000lb Suburban was pushed sideways across two lanes of highway by the side impact. I have a heavy duty aftermarket receiver hitch on the Suburban rated at 15k lbs. It is a big rascal and is noticeably pushed up on the left side where the Honda Lady hit me. Miss Kathy aslo said the left rear tire was tracking an inch or two inside of the front tire track. Not good. In addition, there is a harmonic rattle at idle which I think is maybe a metal shield over the cats or mufflers. The ‘Service Ride Control’ light came on immediately after the wreck. Now the ‘Service 4WD’ light is on as well. As if that isn’t enough, the speedometer reads lower than the actual mph or even zero mph intermittently.

Sunday afternoon I delivered the Suburban up to the Body Shop. I trust these guys and I know they are on my side so we will see what the State Farm adjuster says.

NOTE: I am still doing blog posts off of Public WIFI and preloading them to publish on subsequent days so the timelines may seem a little strange. It is what it is. I am also big on each blog post having pictures. That ain’t happening either…. at least not until I get on some kinda normal internet connection.

Latebreaking Update: Tues 11/30 22:37 hrs. The La Quinta in Downtown San Antone–screaming fast cable internet. 2 days and 900 miles into a road trip. The rental car is a 4 door Dodge Charger and I am mildly approving. 27.5 mpg, a strong driving car and pretty comfy. My Man Tony at the body shop called to say State Farm was there today to do the estimate on the Suburban. I will call them tomorrow to get the details. He said they took a looooong time…..

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