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Catching My Collective Breath...

The short days of winter make it tough to get much else done if you are working.

Home Sweet Home in North Dallas

It seems like every day you get just a bit more behind on the maintenance and honey-do stuff. Not that I am bitching about working this late into the year; it is actually a welcome break from the normal schedule.

We worked up until the 23rd of December. On the 24th we got over an inch of rain, the most rain we have seen since we pulled on to this job in the late fall. The week between Christmas and New Years was scheduled as an off week. We got more rain. Even so, I have caught up on plenty of things. The oil needed to be changed in the Suburban. There were adds and ends to do around the Old Girl and to the Old Girl.

Juicing up the batteries

Juicing up the batteries

I had noticed the house batteries were getting a little weak and I knew the basic reason why. They had not been exercised or cycled since we did the Big Bend and Back road trip back in September.  Prior to that I had been lax in exercising them as well.  By exercising, I mean unhooking the shorepower and running off the batteries long enough to run them down a good bit.  I have a Husky Smart Charger that will desulfate AGM batteries so that is what I have been doing the past two days.  It takes 24 hours to desulfate one battery.  Hopefully, when I get them back online, they will be a bit perkier.

My Bro stopped by on the way out on the 23rd and came inside the Old Girl for a quick chat and a cup of coffee.  He and his wife live in the Heartland Fiver in the pic above.  This jobsite is only 70 miles away from their stick and brick house so they have been going home most weekends.   He doesn’t miss much and when I saw him looking around, I asked him what was going on.   He said the build quality was noticeably better in the older RVs…. referring to the differences between the Old Girl and his fairly recent manufacture Heartland.  I have to agree.  I have been fulltiming hard in the Old Girl for going on 4 years now and she is holding up pretty danged good.   Just remember, older RVs have outdated electronics.  Replacing things like the charger/converter is a must if you pick one up.  The newer electronics are MUCH better than the old stuff.

End Note: Light You Up by Shawn Mullins from the Light You Up cd.  From Wiki  “On January 20, 2009, Mullins performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony.”  What?  He must have been some sorta stealth infiltrator sent there by the good ole boys to collect intel.  I like the guy.

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