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Breaking the Ties...

Miss Kathy

Anytime you take the responsibility for another human being your life changes whether you like it or not. I did that last year when Miss Kathy and Tuco the Dog entered my life.   You play the hand you are dealt and never has that been more true than now.  You see Miss Kathy looks young and vital and healthy but that is just not the reality.  In August of 2009, she was the victim of a brutal rear end accident and it just plain F’d up her back.  Prior to the accident, she was a Texas state employee and if you were behind on your child support payments, chances are she would be rattling your cage.  Since the accident, she has not been able to work a day.

So think through this scenario— One day you are a vibrant and active young woman and the next day you are taking enough pain killers to incapacitate an elephant and the doctor tells you not to lift over 15 lbs.  That is Miss Kathy’s reality.   That would wear on anybody and it has been wearing on me.

Every human on this planet wants to be engaged in a worthwhile activity. Recognition can  run the gamut from accolades of public service well done to monetary gain but every one; every single one of us, needs to feel like we are contributing in some fashion.   Miss Kathy didn’t feel that.   She couldn’t run a bull dozer,   she couldn’t dig with an excavator or a backhoe.  She did her best though.  Running to get parts when a piece of equipment broke down, making sure there was damned good food available and 4 cold beers in the freezer at the end of the day was as good as she could do.  it wasn’t good enough for her and it wasn’t good enough for me.   She wasn’t in a wheelchair for chrissakes and there had to be a solution to this dilemma. ‘

It all started sometime in October.   We have this Sunday routine you see.  At 8am, we watch CBS Sunday Morning which is the most intelligent show on TV.  At 10am, we watch 30 minutes of Texas Country Reporter and at 1030am, we change to 231 RFDTV on DISH and watch another 30 minutes of Texas Country Reporter.  Week in and week out,   this is the way it works.  Human beings are creatures of habit you know.   Well, sometime in October, we saw a piece on Texas Country Reporter that piqued our interest and I said ‘Kathy, you could do that job.’    I got on the RV Forums immediately and found a guy who was doing the job we had just seen on TV.

All I have to say is God Bless Him because he gave us the contact info for the company we needed.  Back in November, when I got run over by that State  Farm citizen in the Honda. I did not blog about the baThousand mile trip we made in the State Farm rental car;  why should I?   We went to  Baytown,Tx to see my folks, we drove way down deep in to South Texas to see Miss Kathy’s mom who had recently returned from the nudist colony in the Dominican Republic and we went to Corpus Christi about this new job.  All at 28mpg on somebody else’s car.  Gotta love it.

I love My Bro.   I honestly do.   Here lately,  much of his income is being derived from consulting at $500 a day and up.  The consulting gigs and flying to them in the Cessna 182 are genuinely getting in the way of any honest dirt pushing.  Honest dirt pushing is the way I make a dollar.    If we are ignoring honest dirt pushing,  my income suffers.  then I got Miss Kathy to deal with as well.    She would love to make an honest dollar but the current sitrep precludes that.  If you are a human being with little self-worth because you are prevented from contributing to the over-all self good, would you be horribly depressed?   Miss Kathy was.

I can’t live long like that.   I felt ties to My Bro but at the same time I had to acknowledge that working for him was just maintaining stasis.  My earnings for the last 3 years had showed no improvement, I was just treading water.

In mid-January, and after multitudinous calls,  the trip to Corpus bore fruit.   It looks like we are going to give up this dirt pushing job in the next week and Miss Kathy is going to be able to actively participate in the new gig.  I cannot tell you how much that has raised her self esteem.

I dreaded the call to My Bro that told him I would not be returning to dirt pushing when the weather cooperated.   I shouldn’t have worried.  He showed up this week with a young kid in tow that had recently graduated from A&M with a degree in Wildlife Management and Fishery Biology.  I held my tongue for the most part.  It seems Scott is the new golden boy.    God love him.   The biggest piece of equipment he had ever operated is a lawn tractor.

End Notes: Notes to the Coroner by Chely Wright from the Lifted Off the Ground cd.   Honest to God, I turned on the Zune and this is the first selection that popped up.  It is karma, for damned sure.

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Breaking the Ties...Sometimes the Fabric of Life Sucks , 9.6 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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1 comment to Breaking the Ties…Sometimes the Fabric of Life Sucks

  • Good Luck folks on your new job. Keep up the posting and pics. Things that dont move will stagnate and or rust. Keep on moving.

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