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Rambling Around II.......

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Two politically skewed posts in a row is quite enough, thank you very much.  How about something with some real ‘meat’ in it?

You would think after 6 weeks of doing this oil field gate guarding gig, I would be getting used to it. Well, I am but one of the hurdles is finding something to do while staying within a 15 second range of the road. Yeah, there is a stop sign out there but these oil field guys ain’t playing around. They will stop but 15 seconds is about all you got to make an appearance, if you miss that window all you are gonna see is the back end of a white Ford F250 and a cloud of diesel exhaust. Miss K doesn’t talk alot but that doesn’t mean she is slow. Not by a long shot. The other day this Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window and RF Controller showed up at the Post Office and it didn’t take long to put it in service. Thank you baby! I was dying for some pulled pork barbecue because face it, pork shoulders and smokers are strangers to each other here in Texas. I still have the mental scars from the first barbecue joint I went into outside of Dallas sometimes back in the early 80’s. I asked for pork barbecue and they served me a slice of ham. Miss K couldn’t find a pork shoulder but she did find a Boston Butt which is really not pig butt at all. It is just the shoulder with the leg bone cut off.  I guess the overwhelming preponderance of beef brisket is  the barbecue of choice here in Tejas.  When the early settlers broke through the Piney Woods of East Texas and ventured out into the Blackland Prairie and Hill Country,  most of ’em had some hogs in tow as part of the family holdings.  Tennessee hogs and Georgia hogs and Carolina hogs.   Trouble is those southern hogs couldn’t hold up to a Texas Summer.  They died, flat out dead.  So those early settlers cast around for something else to throw on the smoker and they come up with beef brisket of all things.  Why couldn’t it have been beef chuck or beef round?  I still ain’t figured that one out.

The pork butt ready for cooking

I doctored that Butt up with a rub and put it in that new smoker. It’s electric you know and it has a remote control. I can set at the dinette in the Old Girl and watch Nascar and tend to my pork at the same time.  The Masterbuilt smoker really takes the work out of it.  Set it at 225 degrees for about seven hours and add a cup of wood chips every hour for the first 5 hours.   The smoker has an electronic probe that reads the internal temp of the meat so it is really a no brainer.

I like the Adkins Western Barbecue Seasoning for the rub. I used to find it in the Kroger stores around Dallas but not so much anymore. I have no idea if it is even to be found outside of Texas but you can order it online. Now the barbecue sauce is another story. Some folks like a vinegar based sauce and some like the West Tennessee tomato based sauce. I like both. Some years ago, I came up with a sauce that the kids ended up putting on everything up to and including the barbecue.

Here is the recipe for the hybrid  and one for some kick ass pico de gallo as well:

Texas True Barbecue Sauce

2 cups ketchup
¾ cup cider vinegar
3 tbs sugar
2 tbs Worcestershire
2 tsp Louisiana Hot Sauce
2 tbs salt
1 tbs black pepper

Combine all ingredients in sauce pan and simmer slowly for a full 20 minutes. I store the sauce in the squeeze ketchup bottle I just emptied.  It will store for weeks in the fridge.


Texas True Pico de Gallo

6-8 regular tomatoes or 8-10 Roma Types-chopped fine

Juice of one lime

2 cloves of fresh garlic

1 large Texas 1015Y Onion (this is a white sweet for those that don’t know) chopped fine

1 tbsp Louisiana Fish Fry Creole Seasoning

1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

2 fistfuls of fresh cilantro

4 Jalapenos – remove crosswalls and chop fine

Begin by chopping tomatoes into fine pieces. Roma tomatoes make a drier salsa but are not as flavorful. Do the same with the onion. You need a really sharp knife to get small rectangular pieces.

Squeeze the lime juice over the tomatoes. Add the seasoning salt and pepper. Mince peppers and garlic. Stir this together and then wash the cilantro thoroughly. It is tedious but you need to remove most of the stems and chop the leaves into fine pieces. Stir again and store in refrigerator to allow flavors to blend. I think flavor peaks about 12 hours after preparation.

A plate pf pulled pork, kosher dill slices and creamy coleslaw

Now for a little secret. Once the pork has cooled enough to handle, you need to pull it. That is exactly what i do, I pull it off in bite size chunks, some folks like to chop it as well. Take some of the barbecue sauce and add it to the pulled pork. Don’t get carried away. I add just enough to get a bit of a taste when I take a bite — just a teeny hint of sauce. To me, this makes the difference between a mess of tasty pulled pork barbecue and a pile of smoky tasting pig.  When you are loading up your bun with pulled pork, squeeze some more of that barbecue sauce on top just how you like it.

Do me one more favor.   If you opt to do the chunky, truly pulled pork version  — leave those scanty ass hamburger buns on the shelf at the grocery store.  All you will get on that bun is a chunk or two of pork at the best.   Grab a pack of the muy gigante buns that take two hands to hoist up– that will be a sandwich right there folks.




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4 comments to Rambling Around II…….

  • Miss K

    Pork Butt IS pork shoulder. Always was and always
    will BE. Anatomically correct “pork butt” for
    you TN hillbillies would be called “Ham”.
    Culinary lingo !!! Pork shoulder or Boston Butt
    is all part of the shoulder of the pig. Got nothin’
    to do with it’s Ham End!

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  • Miss K


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  • Yesterday the guys brought us a platter of scrubbed,baked and BBQ-ed feral pig (the one they caught outside our RV window the night before). This was my first ever wild pig dinner. A little gamey compared to Iowa chops, but very interesting! I’m going to save your recipe. They caught another pig last night!

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    • admin

      Get your pig at HEB–

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