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Rambling Around III....

Tuco the Dog being Small

Every morning just when it is starting to get light, my little visitor shows up. The little hummer gets here about the time I am thinking about turning off the lights and before Tuco the Dog cracks an eye open. I missed him several days during the first part of the week. I figure maybe the 60mph winds blew him down around Jacksboro somewhere and it just took him awhile to get back.

I collected quite a bit of grief because  I admitted the other day that I watched Dancing with the Stars. Jeez, I bare my soul and share my innermost thoughts and all I get from you folks is snide remarks. OK, thanks alot–see if that ever happens again. 🙂

I guess there are some folks who don’t watch alot of TV and I guess there are lots of RVers like me who just gotta have their DISH fix. Judging by the number of satellite dishes outside the recreational vehicles I see parked, I would say most of us like some of that satellite TV. Well, that presents a problem now. I need to get in bed pretty damned early to get up at 3:15am every morning and I was missing some of my shows. Damn it!

Miss K got me that fancy flat screen TV for Christmas and we had discussed how cool it would be to get HD channels and a DVR. Last week we finally pulled the trigger and she went over to Gainesville and picked up the goods. I don’t know how long I had been using my old DISH 500 with the 2 LNBs. 3 years, 4 years? I know it was pretty well beat and had been thrown down with too little love more than once when I was packing up. It sports a good little bit of duct tape. DISH wants to come out and set all the stuff up for you, and me being hardheaded as I am, I told Miss K that wasn’t necessary. She came home with a box o’ cables and receivers and a great big super dish with 3 LNBs. Maybe I spoke too soon.

New DISH, Old DISH - and a good lookin' 5 gallon bucket

Over the years I had gotten pretty danged good at aiming that old DISH 500. I could throw it down, eyeball it level, squint up one eye over the top of the compass and pretty well count on getting those 119 and 110 sats tuned in PDQ.  One I got everything lined up, I would put a turn of Alabama chrome around the mast to hold it in place since the set screw was long gone.  Not pretty but it worked. That Super DISH was intimidating enough that I figured on doing some research before I tackled it.

Hmph, it wasn’t good.  Reading the forums, I found out you gotta tune in 3 sats to get that HD programming.  Most folks went on to say that when they were using the portable dishes in  their RVs that they usually forgot about the HD part and tuned in the 2 sats  –119 and 110.  I guess that is cool for occasional campers but I knew my OCD nature would not allow me to tolerate a system that was not fully tuned up.   Looking at that new Super DISH out there day after day and knowing I had been beat down by something that looked like a bowed up  pizza pan with 3 door knobs on it would not be cool.

After the first day of fooling with it, the end of the day saw us with the old DISH 500 set back up and the old receiver settin’  on top of the new one.  Miss K asked if she needed to call the Gainesville guy to come out and set it up.  I told her no, as much as we moved I needed to learn it or give it up.   It took me 2 days but I finally got the best of that pizza pan looking outfit.  Best advice I can give anybody facing the same task is there is no slacking on this one.   The mast has to be dead level and all the settings have to be exactly right.  Eyeballing and squinting will just drive you to drink.


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1 comment to Rambling Around III….

  • John Duncan

    I have the three LNB Dish Network setup…there’s a learning curve to everything it seems…first time I set it up by myself, it took me 1/2 a day. Now I’m trying to conquer the Hughesnet HN9000 dish!! It takes special equipment to point, plus you have to have an installer ID and squinter tools! SHEESH!! Talk about have to be perfectly level, and precise…this is NUTZ!!

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