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It's the Snake Thing Again

A couple of evenings ago I was sitting at the dinette relaxing after a long day of oil field gate guarding and noticed a pair of headlights stop on the road about 200yds from the Old Girl.  They backed up, made a little jink toward the ditch and backed up again.  The guy got out for a few minutes and then drove on up to the Old Girl to check out the gate.  It was Aaron, one of our faves who has been here awhile doing flowback testing on one of the wells.  Miss Kathy went  to check him out and I could see them having an animated conversation.  Miss K came back in to tell me Aaron had just killed a 6 foot Rattler trying to cross the road…. and Miss K does not like snakes.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Hell, I don’t like snakes either but they don’t make me lose sleep at night.  As a matter of fact, if it came down to a Rattler or some people I know, I might choose to hang with the Rattler.   If you are in Texas,  it comes with the territory. Texas is the home to no less than 10 species of poisonous snake;  more so than any other state except Arizona.  So Texas = Rattlesnakes.  Take that as a given.

With that said, there are lots of ways to exist in rattlesnake country without being fearful every time you step out of your RV.  There are rattlesnake boots, made of thick leather that come up almost to your knees.  I do not know how that would look with bermuda shorts.  The boots would cover up the black socks–which is a good thing.  There are rattlesnake chaps.  Not speaking for everyone but Miss K would look !hot! in some rattlesnake chaps and Wranglers. There are rattlesnake fences which are just low close woven plastic mesh you set up and there are electronic snake repellers.  Just remember, Google is your friend if you are hunting up something like that.

I prefer the holistic approach to snake avoidance.  Snakes are hideout champs.  They get dinner by sneaky snaking up on an unsuspecting mouse or frog or some such.  They are going to hide out in tall grass,  junk piles, heavy brush, old lumber scraps and places just like that.  That is the snake way.  The key is they are not going to be far from a water or food source….  so you can beat ’em at their own game.  For every snake we see crossing a road or soaking up the heat on a patch of asphalt on a chill night, there are 20 more back in the bushes looking for supper.

So this is the ticket if you have an aversion to sharing personal space with a snake.  Most of us gate guarding RVers live on a gravel pad.  No snake habitat present—that is a good thing.  Clear ground and a watchful eye when you are outside piddling around should be second nature.  However, we do unwittingly provide some snake magnets.  Remember the water and food source thing I mentioned?  If you have a wet spot from a leaky hose or a dog water bowl outside, the little critters are going to seek that out in this dry country.  Don’t let the AC condensate that runs off your roof puddle on the ground!  I have a 1 gallon bucket set under my runoff point.  Tuco the Dog loves AC water and that bucket looks like the Empire State Building to a mouse.  You may be unknowingly providing the only water oasis for several hundred yards square.  Ditto if you have dog food set out or if you have a bird feeder.  I have yet to see a bird feeder that did not have a pound or two of seed on the ground from those birds scruffing around in the suspended feeder.  Water and food is going to attract mice and other little creatures…. and you well know that a mouse is like t-bone steak to a snake.

Maybe I oughta get my panties all wadded up or scream like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert every time I see a snake but that ain’t happening folks.  I am gonna look for the closest big stick or 12 gauge if it is a rattler.  If you are a true snake-o-phobic, get the all time, top of the line snake murdering tool.   That would be a long handled garden hoe of course.

Sleep tight y’all.  🙂


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1 comment to It’s the Snake Thing Again

  • Miss K

    They don’t make any Hoe handles long enough!
    I vote for both barrels of the 12 gauge!!!!

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