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Getting Ahead of the Game

Living full time in a recreational vehicle is not all sitting in the shade and drinking a mojito.  If you are boondocking and living in an RV, up the ante even a little more.   if you are living full time in an RV, boondocking and working out of your recreational vehicle  like this oil field gate guard gig that we do then it gets to be dicey business to be sure.  The problem gate guards face is the requirement to be on site 24/7.  If you have a major systems malfunction on your motor home or travel trailer,  you have to pull off the gate to go get it fixed.   I guess I could leave Miss K at the gate with a 5 gallon bucket,  a jug of water and some extra log in sheets but there probably wouldn’t be much use in coming back if I did.  She is funny that way.

The old shur flo pump

The Old Girl is 18 years old. I have replaced plenty of the internals over the years. Getting so long in the tooth, she has things that break, parts that wear out and some stuff that just disintegrates into old dust. Not that I am complaining mind you, but there just seems like there is always something to do….. and do it you must. Most of us have lived in the mainstream at some point. We had maintenance items to keep up with on our vehicles and house chores to do on the weekends. When you live in an RV, you get the house and the vehicle chores all rolled into one. I know it is aggravating to work on RV guts. I truly think the manufacturers used midgets on the assembly line to crawl into the tight spots and install stuff with hands the size of a 2 year old baby’s. Just seems that way to me. I had known for sometime I was skating on thin ice with the Old Girl’s fresh water pump.


ES Aquajet II

The water pump would thump and whine. It always pumped the water but it sure did protest at times. Late last fall I had the opportunity to pick up a new in the box ES Aquajet II pump off of one of the internet forums for pennies on the dollar. I jumped right on it.  I was perfectly content to let the new pump sit in one of the baggage compartments figuring I would squeeze every ounce of water out of the Old One until it went tits up.   Replacing the pump did not look like a hard task at all.   So I procrastinated… and then I procrastinated some more.  I covered the new pump up in the underside bay with some more stuff so I would not be reminded I needed to install it.  Here is the marketing blurb for the ES Aquajet II.

FWIW,  The old Shur Flo pump was 2.5gpm and 45psi and sounded like a Vespa scooter taking off from a stop sign.


What it does – Patented 5-valve design delivers up to twice the fresh water flow (3.5 gpm and 80 psi) of traditional RV water pumps. The Aquajet ES is dramatically quieter than competitive pumps at similar performance levels. Exclusive “soft start” feature eliminates rapid cycling noises. Built for superior product life and reliability. Runs dry without damage.

How it works -The Aquajet ES is a digitally controlled pump that automatically adjusts motor speed to maintain pressure as multiple water fixtures are used. Eliminates irritating pressure drops and the need for bulky accumulator tanks.

Comparison of the old and new water pumps. Old shur flo on top

Installing the new water filter system brought the procrastination to a halt.  The flow rate of the filtered water was marginal at best.  Miss K reported around 8 minutes to fill up a gallon water jug.  Actually it was more of a near-bitching comment than it was just an offhand informational observation;  I knew the next step was the bitch+stink eye; I knew it was time to get cracking on that new pump.

Removal and replacement was straightforward.  Undo the water lines, snip the electrical wires and remove the mounting screws.   I turned the valves off and drained the lines so the water mess was probably less than a cup spilled out on the floor of the compartment.  I guess I could have caught the spillage in a tupperware but Miss K frowns on tupperwares going outside.  Sometimes they return to her possession a bit worse for wear.   The only even slightly difficult part was trimming the water supply and intake lines to fit.  The new pump is quite a bit bigger and stands off about 2″ more from the wall than the old one did.  I just had to shorten the two lines.

ES Aquajet II installed and ready to go

The new pump sure did make a difference.   Flow out of the water filter spigot was doubled and Miss K thinks now she can take a shower and actually rinse the shampoo out of her hair.   First I heard of that one so I guess I get double man-brownie points today.   I am going to use the old Shur Flo pump as a transfer pump.  I will probably mount it to a board and attach some wire leads and clamps on it.  A couple of 18″ sections of hose and I will be in business.  It will be nifty to pump water in/out of the 65 gallon transfer tank we plan on using in Terlingua.  But I am not going to do that today.  I put the old pump in the baggage compartment and sorta covered it up with some stuff so I wouldn’t have to look at it.  Mañana babyMañana!


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2 comments to Getting Ahead of the Game

  • John Duncan

    Great work…and neat idea about re-using the old pump. Y’all have a great vacation!! Don’t even think about work!!

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  • John Duncan

    Andy, Give Miss K a big happy mother’s day hug from us will ya?

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