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Portable Water Supply for your RV

I can get by without a lot of things when I am parked on the job.  I don’t have to have a great spot to park the Fish Bus.  I have parked on the side of the road, on top of rocky ridges and next to barns.  When you have a bulldozer available, making a spot level is not a problem.  I can get by without a septic system for up to 10 days at a time if I have to.  I use a macerator pump when a regular septic system is not avaialble and I have pumped it into holding tanks, porta johns and clean outs on the side of a house.  I can get by without an electric hookup for weeks on end.  My little Generac propane generator is a real champ.

I can get by without water available on site but I hate the lack of water worst of all. We did a job close to Graford,TX where they have no groundwater available. This means you can’t drill a well. If you are outside the city limits where city water was available you really had limited options. City Hall in Graford had a big water pipe you could drive underneath and fill your tank for $1 per 100 gallons. Some mornings there was a line of ranchers waiting to fill their tanks.

So what are the real options when you do not have water on site? At Graford we had 3 recreational vehicles at the job site so small tanks were not even a consideration.

The 300 gallon water tank on a transport trailer.

The 300 gallon water tank on a transport trailer.

We bought a surplus 300 gallon food grade plastic container in a wire cage and used it to supply the 3 RVs.  A tank this big full of water weighs over a ton so it is not for everybody.  We easily lifted it on to a trailer or into the bed of a truck with the front bucket on a backhoe.   300 gallons of water will last me a month if I am the only one using it.  The tank has a spigot on the bottom and I bought a 12v Flojet 2pm transfer pump at Tractor supply and bolted it to a board.  It is easy business ot hook it up and pump the RV fresh water tank full.

So what do you do if a 300 gallon tank is not an  option?  I also have a 45 gallon portable RV fresh water tank I bought at Camping World.  It works ok.  I use the transfer pump with it or put it on the roof of my Suburban if I am not going far and use gravity flow.  It will fill my onboard tank one time.   The downside is you can never really get it completely dry inside and I worry about algae or mold growing in there so I always rinse it with bleach and you always have that hint of a chlorine taste.

If I get into a situation in the future where I cannot use the 300 gallon tank and I will need water for an extended period of time, I am going to go this route.  Northern Tool has a 60 gallon poly tank that is FDA approved and will fit nicely in the bed of a pick up or the back of my Suburban.  It will clean up easier than the collapsible tank and I can store it outside on the ground if need be.

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