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The price of groceries these days...

When did an onion cost $4.10?                      

The price of groceries in these small Texas towns really chaps my hide!
Just this past week in Gainesville I paid $4.10 for (3) onions.  $1.99 for (1) Red Bell Pepper and I won’t even mention the cost of tomatoes these days….
My point is this, I decided to get smart about it and put my mind  to the task of saving some $$.  I wasn’t going to let ‘Them’ take advantage of me any longer.
Now I know a few of y’all have cable and there is a show on there by the name of Extreme Couponers. They are the cats meow on beating the grocery stores at their own game.  If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend a viewing of it.  It’s enlightening.
Here is what I have learned from the show:
* Pay attention to the stores everyday prices on regular items you buy.
* Sign up for the stores ‘Reward’ card and use it every time you shop.
* Check the stores website twice weekly for their ‘sale’ flyers.
* I buy (3) Dallas Sunday papers with the coupon inserts.
* I utilize online ‘Coupon Clipping Services’ for multiple quantities of  coupons on items I know I will    use, need etc.
* I only use coupons for products I use. I don’t normally try a new product out unless I have a ‘get it for free’ coupon.
* Match up your coupons with the stores online ad and make your shopping list.
* Get a coupon organizer wallet, it will be your best friend & save your sanity!!!
* I save on average of 30% to my very best of 60% off my total grocery bill.

Saved some, but not Enough!!

Stores have a ‘Sale Cycle’ that runs about every 3 months.  For instance, Tide detergent will go on sale for 2 weeks, then 3 months later it will go on sale again.  Once you start looking at the stores online ads you will see a pattern of sale items.  I know if I wait long enough the store will put the item I have a coupon for on sale and I can get a really really good price on it.
Here’s an example my dog Tuco is really proud of;  Tom Thumb did not advertise this price online, I found it by checking the aisle as I always do when i’m in the store.  Tuco the dog loves treats and biscuits, so I am always looking for a good deal for her.  The store had Beggin’ strips at buy 2 for $3.  I had a $1 off (1) coupon, so I got each bag for .50 cents. I cleared the shelf out of 11 bags.  These treats are normally about $5-$6 per bag.  WINNER!!!!!

Check prices REGULARLY!!!

Tuco also made out when the little tiny store here in Muenster put T-Bonz steak treats on clearance for $1.59, (down from $4.39 per bag). I had a coupon for $1.00 off and I knew that Tuco really loves these treats so I went online and ordered from the coupon clipping service 10 coupons.  The clipping services charge anywhere from .06 to .08 cents for each coupon. Well worth it to me and they ship very fast for .50 cents. I bought 11 bags of treats for $6.49. The original cost would have been $48.29.!
I have taken to asking the store manager at the customer service desk how long a particular item is going to be on sale.  He is always very helpful and cooperative.  On the ‘Beggin’ strips’ I knew they would be at that price for another 7 days so I went online that night and ordered 20 coupons for them.
Tom Thumb grocery store is running a new promo. The more points you earn the more dollars off your fuel price.  For example, 100 points = .10 cents off per gallon.  OR 1000 points = $1.00 off per gallon.  I’m thinking that we can fill the bus up with diesel for $2.89 per gallon. Just for shopping at Tom thumb, (not that theres anywhere else to shop).
I have been able to cut our grocery bill by 40% everytime I shop. I don’t buy it unless its on sale and I have a coupon. Now I know your probably saying it’s too much hassle, who has the time etc etc.  All of us Gate guards have hours during our shift to clip coupons and look at the ads online.
The other way that I get really good $1.00 or $1.50 off coupons is by emailing the companies whose products I like.  I sent an email to a tomato grower and told them how much I liked their tomatoes and they sent me (3) $2.50 off produce coupons.  So even my vegetables have coupons.

I have found that companies love to hear about how great their products are verse complaining about them.  I never ask for coupons from them and they send them to me anyway as a thank you for my feedback.  Nice perk I say.  and takes no time at all.  I only wish I had more storage; or ANY at all, to stock up on these great deals I find.  Oh, well. Maybe a trailer with a slide out is in my NEAR future..

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4 comments to The price of groceries these days….

  • Joel

    Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind for when I retire.

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    • admin

      You may be able to retire sooner if you use coupons NOW!!!

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  • Great tips! I’ve never written in for coupons although I’ve done a ton of clipping. Living in such a remote area, it didn’t even occur to me to buy one paper, let only 3! Thanks, Miss K!

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  • We sure do appreciate the coupons you shared with us. And I love seeing what you write. Doit Doit Doit! Keep quiping, clipping and commenting! Oh, Henry says, Thank ya’ll so much!

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