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Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance

I always save the worst job till last when I do the Spring Cleaning thing. I hate getting up on the roof of my Dolphin 32D and cleaning the 2 roof air conditioners. It really is not physically demanding or hard. I don’t know why I hate it so bad– maybe it is taking the shrouds off?

I climb up on the roof with two things — a portable electric screwdriver that makes quick work of those shroud screws and an air hose with a blower wand on the end of it. Once the shrouds are off I inspect all around the air conditioner unit (Make sure the power is OFF!). Then I turn the fan to make sure it rotates freely and inspect the fan shaft for any excessive oil leakage at the compressor.  Then I take the cover off the metal box that houses all the capacitors and relays. I inspect there for loose connections, frayed wires and any signs of discolored wires that would indicate an overheating problem. The cover goes back on the electrical box before I do anything else.

There are always some dirt dauber nests to remove along with twigs, leaves and pine needles. I get as much of that stuff out of there and then use the compressed air to blow it out. Compressed air does such a great job of cleaning everything out. I pay special attention the the drain holes in the pan and the condensor. The drain holes are where all the debris end up. The condensor is always dusty. I blow it out from both sides until it is completely clean.

After all this, I visually inspect everything once again and put the shroud on. Hopefully, I won’t have to do this again until next spring!

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