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A Night Out on Terlingua Town

Miss K in vacation mode--Looking good at 29!

Don’t get the wrong idea that Miss K and I have been working like dogs here in Terlingua.  No way…. we have taken full advantage of an extended vacation.  Lots of lazy days, afternoon naps and leisurely meals have filled our sojourn here in South County.

Wednesday was Miss K’s birthday.  She was 4—- ummmm 29 (!) and since she is such a foodie,  eating out is always a treat for her.  We decided to do Terlingua up right and headed south at the end of the day. There are more restaurant selections than you would expect down here and the Starlight Theater in Terlingua Ghost Town has always been one of our faves.  The menu is a tad pricey and small but the quality has always been outstanding.  They do have 9 different specialty margaritas and it was not long until Miss K was sipping on a prickley pear – Patron Silver concoction.  There was only one other group of diners in the

Starlight Theater - Terlingua Ghost Town, TX

place — it is off season after all.  A far cry from the other Monday night when we went there for 2 for 1 burger night; the place had been packed then.  Funny thing about the 2 for 1   — it is not advertised or mentioned anywhere on the menu or by the wait staff.  I am sure the turistas present wondered why there was such a big crowd.  Miss K is firmly convinced the secret 2 for 1 burger deal is the Starlight’s contribution to local community.   You can also hang out on the Front Porch next door and enjoy your favorite adult beverage as you watch the shadows engulf the Chisos at sundown.   Our itinerary on Birthday Night did not include a set to on the Front Porch so we headed on down the road right at twilight.

Next stop was La Kiva for some drinks.   There is a level of funky/quirky about Terlingua and Study Butte that you sorta get accustomed to after awhile.  The venues are not exactly ordinary and the folks

La Kiva entrance

are on a slightly different channel.  When you are here off season and most of the town traffic is comprised of the less than 1000 or so residents that tough it out here year ’round, it is a definitely different place.   La Kiva is partially built underground and officially described as a “subterranean cave bar”.   It is way more over the top than that.  We walked in and immediately saw two people that we knew– which is the first time that has happened down here.  Day by day, it feels more like home.  When you introduce yourself down this way, it is customary to use first names only — or a nickname.    Introducing yourself more formally is the mark of a turista.

Local talent at La Kiva

It was open mic night and the first guy to get up and play had been listening to our conversation at the bar and obviously overheard us talking about it being Miss K’s birthday. He asked her if she had any requests, she threw out a few and he apologized for not being familiar with them.

He quipped ‘I only know 12 songs.’

Miss K shot right back ‘Well, play number 9 then.’

These folks are gonna learn how quick Little  Blondie thinks on her feet.

We planned the West Texas Ramble to coincide with our anniversary and Miss K’s birthday.  Neither one of us could imagine grinding it out on an oil field gate on these 2 special days.   It sure worked out nice.   Thank you Kathy.  You are a treasure.


Postscript: I don’t usually change subjects so radically in a normal blog post but I found this interesting.   The Longhorn Ranch Motel has not been exactly busy during our stay here.  It is off

In the shade of the palapa

season after all.  We have seen a couple of people check in overnight and there is a construction crew working on the guard rails that has been here several days but they keep to themselves.  Wilson, the Border Collie, doesn’t bark at us anymore.   Our daily routine usually includes some pool time for Miss K and I take advantage of the wi-fi in the shade of the palapa poolside. Yesterday, we were up by the pool and a young family with 3 less-than-teen kids checked in. The kids could not wait to get in the pool and pretty soon our solitude was shattered-and that was not a bad thing. I enjoyed watching the kids having a blast. Mom joined them at the pool and pleasantries were exchanged. She introduced herself with first and last name included.

And then the 20 questions started…. Where y’all from? What are you doing here? How long you been here? ………….and it made me distinctly uncomfortable. 2 weeks ago it would have been 2 strangers meeting and common small talk. Now it seemed an intrusion; Miss K mentioned it as well. Mom was nothing but nice and polite but people down here don’t pry in such a fashion. I wasn’t rude and never mentioned it to Mom. Just interesting to me that the attitude of the area had become so deeply imbued in such a short time.


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2 comments to A Night Out on Terlingua Town

  • I’m glad you are enjoying yourselves. We’ve only been GG’ing a few months now and I am sooo ready for a vacation. Happy Birthday Miss K.

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  • Thank you Penny.
    I recommend working no longer than 60 days w/o a break. I think Andy and I did well over 100 before our break. UGGG

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