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Adios Terlingua!

Sunday Morning somewhere north of Terlingua, TX……

Gotta get rolling towards the north east here in a little bit.  Miss K is sleeping in as we sorta kinda try to get back on the gate guard schedule of sleeping and working in 12 hour shifts.

There really isn’t much to do outside to get the Old Girl ready.  I checked fluids and tires  the other day and the tires will get a bump all ’round before we pull out.  Just disconnect the umbilicals and pull down the DISH dish and we should be pretty much good to go.

A couple of issues have surfaced during this trip that bear mentioning……

One,  Miss K and I spend 24 hours of every day in close proximity to each other.  If you are going to do that as a couple, you really need to like each other and be ready to communicate.  We found ourselves talking for hours on a wide range of subjects this trip and it was a good thing.  Turning the TV off and stepping away from the computer is a must.  You can sit five feet away from someone for hours on end and if your head is buried in the internet, that other person might as well be in Pakistan.

Two, even though both of us are frugal and I am pretty good at most handyman type tasks, doing anything like we are planning takes twice as much money as we originally thought.   That is daunting.  Here in South County,  there are people getting by with little or nothing but neither of us are even considering living in a tar paper shack or an old shipping container. Miss K and I have talked at length about the task list for the next time we come this way; probably in the late fall. Some sort of shade structure with a small secure storage area is on the list. We also need to install a small solar power bank to meet the minimum requirements of Big Bend Telephone. Once those requirements are met, we will have a land line telephone and DSL internet on site. The third thing on the list is a large (200 gallon or so) permanent propane storage tank. Electric power to the property is going to have to wait until the funds become available.

The lack of water has pretty much resolved itself. We have the second Desert Tan Baby which will soon be turned into a water buffalo. Good water is available close to the property for $.03/gallon. 300 gallons will last us a month or more.

So we are heading outta here in a few hours… I still have a few posts to write up concerning our Terlingua trip. They should be more entertaining than the gate guard posts that y’all can all look forward to in the next couple of months as we settle back into the grind.


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1 comment to Adios Terlingua!

  • Joel

    Welcome back to civilization.

    Looking forward to the promised posts.

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