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Sunday Quickie

Late afternoon in Terlingua

About time I updated the Who is This Guy page since it has not been changed since ’round about Day One of this blog.  Sure have been a shit ton of changes in this country and my life since February of 2009.

Miss Kathy has contributed here but I never think she felt completely at ease doing so.   I would not expect a 100% Type A person like her to be that way anyhow.   She set up a blog last Fall and published some stuff in hit or miss fashion.  Since I rarely tell her exactly what to do ( it is painful to do so, believe me on this) she took her time coming back around to the blog. Well, it looks like she has found her voice and even though I am quite prejudiced on the subject, I do enjoy the read.  She has a quick mind and sometimes operates on a channel I can’t hardly tune in and it captivates me.  Maybe it will do the same for you….

Rancho Rustica —  Western Americana, Building an Earthbag house, Cowboy Antiques

@*&$@^ Generator!

On generators, face silver and military surplus…..  I managed to get the ailing Generac propane generator all disconnected yesterday.  That was quite a task in itself.  Tuco the Dog and I laid in the gravels underneath the bus for quite sometime yesterday morning figurin’ the best way to drop that beast out the bottom of the Old Girl.  Looks like I will have to take the spare tire a-loose to accomplish that feat.  Oh well, that is a job for another day.  I was watching a 5kw military surplus generator on eBay and when it did not meet reserve, I contacted the guy about purchasing it direct.    He was anxious to sell and since I am  cash poor after the Terlingua Fandangle, I offered him face silver in payment.  We will see how that goes.

End Note: Shame on Me by the Bottle Rockets from the Lean Forward cd.  The Bottle Rockets don’t get near enough notice to my way of thinkin’.  Just sayin’……….

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1 comment to Sunday Quickie

  • Joel

    The Bottle Rockets get plenty of notice around these parts!

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