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Serious Fulltiming


I am not retired or a snowbird or a work camper.  There is a certain segment of recreational vehicle owners who require an RV as part of their profession.  In my case, my diesel pusher is used as a home away from home for my work.  I am a heavy equipment operator and I work with my brother building recreational lakes and water features all over the state of Texas for the past 2 years.

On the job near Newton,TX  - February 2006
On the job near Newton,TX – February 2006

During this time,  I have had the good fortune of residing in a great variety of different locations.  They varied from extreme boondocking 30 miles from the closest town to being parked next to a 10,000 sq foot party barn.  Needless to say it has been quite an experience.  I belong to several different recreational vehicle related internet forums and they have been a real source of information.   It can be frustrating trying to find specific information because you have to wade through all the posts regarding camping at Wal-Mart, can I leave my refrigerator on when I am traveling and how do I take my cat camping.  If you come right down to it many of these forums are just the same information posted over and over and over.

The other information I enjoy reading are the blogs of people who are utilizing their recreational vehicles on a pretty much daily basis.  Sadly. most of these folks appear to be independently wealthy and they wander around with no real point.  Not that I am knocking them but it gets pretty boring after awhile and I guess they get bored as well because many of them return to the stick house after a period of time and the blog just dries up.

Here in Texas (and I guess elsewhere too) many people do live in their RVs when they are working.  It is common in the oilfield and construction industry because the jobs last for a good little period of time and then you move on to the next job.   My blog is just going to be the day to day goings on and hopefully I will also be able to show you how the present setup transpired over the last 2 years.

UPDATE  2/2011:  No more excavation work for Miss Kathy and myself.  We are now employed full time and then some as oil field gate guards.  We have doing it long enough now (7 months) to say it is not for everybody but it sure does suit us.


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