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The Chicken Didn’t Make It

This is a sad story, most likely not suitable for pre-teens.

During the course of a normal day, I don’t give much thought to what is for dinner. Open the freezer, pick out one of those “healthy” meals and pop it in the microwave. I have the directions memorized for most of them. In less than ten minutes I am sitting down to eat something that most likely has broccoli as one of the sides. I get so sick of it after a few weeks!

So the freezer was bare Saturday morning and I knew it was time for a supply run to the Super Wal-mart in Jasper,TX. I was craving some real food and since our schedule was sorta light, I thought it would be a good time to cook a little. I was cruising the fresh meat case and they had broiler hens on sale for a good price. I may be starving but I am always thrifty. I picked out a nice fat hen and thought, Oh yeah, this will go great in my crock pot!

I got the crock pot out fairly late yesterday evening. I love the crock pot because it is easy and foolproof….. or so I thought. I plopped that old hen in there and emptied two packages of red beans and rice along with some water and turned that sucker on. Yummy huh?!

About 4 hours later, it was smelling oh so good and i thought it was probably about done. But I was a lazy ass……. I didn’t want to deal with all that food that late at night as far as putting it away and I was a little anxious about just turning it off and leaving it for the night not refrigerated. So……….. I added some more water and punched the button for another eight hours. If a little crock pot is good, then more should be better!

Dead chicken lying in state.  The viewing was brief.

Dead chicken lying in state. The viewing was brief.

I slept so soundly until about 6am when I became just conscious enough to smell something burning. Now a fire is a bad thing in a motor home as we all know but one millisecond after I thought FIRE! RUN!, it dawned on me what I was smelling.

Don’t ever let someone tell you a crock pot is fool proof. Mine even says it is a “Smart Pot” on the label. Yeah right! Trying to salvage just a little from the mess, I dumped the bad bird about 15 yards away in the edge of the trees with a direct line of sight to my dinette in the Old Girl. Maybe I will get to view some critters feeding on the well done chicken.

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1 comment to The Chicken Didn’t Make It

  • oldbutnotslow

    Got to say, that hen does look sad.
    Have run into a gate guard couple named Mike and Connie, you will recognize them because of the big, (really big) smoker behind the 5th wheel. Mike is the master smoker chef and I can assure you, never turn down some of his food.

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