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Wrapping Up a Week....

Odds and ends to tidy up a week….

Fine dining- Iraan,TX

10 days in out here in Pecos County, TX and we are settling in to what does look to be a ‘good’ assignment for an oil field gate guard.  ‘Good’ being relative, of course. Something happens when you travel west of I-35.  The land opens up, the towns grow fewer.  Distances are trebled and quadrupled for the simplest of errands.  I am reminded of a story about a West Texas rancher from back in the ’50’s that drove a Cadillac instead of a pick up.  It was the only thing that could travel the distances involved in seeing after a ranch that covered many thousands of acres–and do it quickly. True story  – who knows?  It does sound good in the telling.

This is not the High Desert of Terlingua that Miss Kathy loves so much;  this is the Permian Basin.  Average rainfall here is half again as much as in Terlingua at 15″ annually.  Unemployment in Pecos County is just a shade over 4% and the county voted overwhelmingly Republican in 2008.   The people here are outgoing and friendly and close to the ground.  Life is a full time job in these hard parts. Roughnecks and roustabouts in town are already recognizing Miss K  and waving.  The guy at the laundromat knew all about our business already — with us being in town just over a week.   She revels in the being here and I have not seen a smile steal across her face so often in months.  It is a good place to be.

Weed Washing

As far as the gate guarding gig goes — a gate is a gate is a gate.  Not rocket science; just a job. The weed wash does complicate things to a degree and really throws your timing off.  We have to wait for the vehicle to be washed instead of timing our arrival out the door to coincide with the check in.  Iraan has all the necessities we need with the exception of propane.  That is 50 miles in the opposite direction.  Oddly enough AT&T coverage in Iraan is non-existent.  We have AT&T for cell use and Verizon coverage for data at the Old Girl but only when the Wilson Electronics SOHO Signal Booster Kit is fired up.  The hotspot right outside the Old Girl is being well used by every one up at the rig.  Saves them a 7 mile trip out to a specific wide spot on the highway where they can use their phones.

Correcting a previous post:

In an earlier post  regarding a previous assignment,  I stated The Boss Lady did not pays us for the final day’s work which amounted to 18.5 hrs.   Our checks arrived for that final assignment right on time as they always have and we were in fact, paid in full for all hours worked.   I am glad to see my trust and confidence in the company was not misplaced.

A cold sunset in the desert

You just never know……

The service guy was out this morning to bring fuel and change the oil on the new ( zero hours when we got it) generator.  I usually shut the generator down daily to check the oil and look it over.  When he turned the key to OFF this morning it would not shut down.  The fuel solenoid switch was bad and luckily that is one of the spare parts they left me when our set up was complete last week.  It took 10 minutes to swap it out.

Everybody talks about the weather…   The weather out here has been all over the board so far.  We had one gorgeous day that topped out at almost 80 degrees and several days running that it struggled to make  40.  Over an inch of rain and then 2″ of snow settled the dust.  I have some piddling to do outside and the weather has certainly not cooperated.


Real Cowboys have NO FEAR -- sent by a blog reader-- Thanks!

The Message Forum:

I have to admit I am enjoying the message board.   Over 100 members so far have posted almost 1000 messages — much of it having to do with oil field gate guarding.    I was looking for a venue to develop a sense of community between long time blog readers, gate guards and noobs looking for answers to recreational vehicle questions.   That is kinda sorta what is happening.   Looks like plenty of the members are checking in regularly to see what is going on.  We also have a ton of traffic with guests who just find us via search on the internet and stop by to read one of the threads.  I purposely set it up to where guests can read the content but they can’t respond or post new messages.   I would encourage guests to register and become members and make a contribution in information when the subject fits.  The message forums are free and no advertising is in place to clutter it up.

Here is the link in case you have not visited yet:

Message Board

An Odd End Note:  The Granada Theater on Lower Greenville in Dallas is probably one of the best live music venues in Texas –after Sons of Hermann Hall that is.   They have two good shows coming up in a few weeks that would be worth shelling out the pesos for.  Fred Eaglesmith  the end of the month and then 11oo Springs the first part of February.  They both put on a good show.

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2 comments to Wrapping Up a Week….

  • Ken

    Andy, you made me rememer a rancher in San Angelo. While I was in college (and no, you don’t need to know when), there was one rancher that bought his wife a new Cadillac every year, and he took the old one. They both traded with the station where I worked. She came in about once a week, and if I was there, I drove her to Hemphill-Wells to have her hair done. We washed and serviced her car while she was at the store. Her car always looked good.
    The rancher, whose name escapes me, brought his car in to have flats fixed, he carried three spares and sometimes he came in on a rim. We washed off most of the mud and tried to compound out some of the scratches if he had time to wait. Always in a heck of a hurry, but a nice guy nonetheless. That is, if he liked you. If he didn’t care too much for the way you combed you hair, he was pretty gruff. He just didn’t suffer fools and lazy people. I made it a point to always use the whisk broom on his floor mats when he came for gas.
    I asked him once why he didn’t use a pickup for working on the ranch. He said the car did just fine and if he had a sick lamb, he didn’t have to worry about it jumping out of the trunk like it would out of a pickup.

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    • Andrew

      Good stuff Ken!

      I guess he had the first SUV huh?

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