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Things Are Looking Up......... Or Are They?

Andy’s note:  What follows is one of my political opinion posts.  One of my resolutions for 2012 was to limit this type post on the  blog . Some of ya just don’t wanna hear it and I can respect that.   I am not allowing comments HERE on the blog.  At the end of the post, there will be a link to the identical post on our forum.  Discussion may be continued in that venue.  Best I can tell ya is the inside of my brain looks like a tangled pile of white coat hangers….sometimes this is what comes out of it.

Delicate tracery of frost - 1/2012 - Pecos County,TX

I told Miss K last Fall that the economy would ‘turn around’  in 2012.  It had to in order for Obama to get re-elected.  He has turned out to be a great spokes-model for the Powers that Be (maybe the best ever!) and there is no way they (The PTB) are going to miss another glorious 4 year ride with Obama at the helm.

We watch alot of news here in the Old Girl but we do not lap it up as the gospel truth.  We use it more as a gauge to determine how far the rift is widening between what is real and what is being publicly digested by all the hamsters on the wheel.

Take for instance last nights lead story on the Networks.  GDP was up 2.8%; Wall Street responded with a slight loss of 74 points.  Meh!  Neither bad nor good, right?    Diane Sawyer was absolutely GUSHING about what a wonderful number it was.  ‘We are on the comeback trail.  Everything is going to be OK in the good ol’ U.S. of A! ‘   Brian Williams said the 2.8% was ‘disappointing’ — falling short of the anticipated and projected 3%.

Confusing?  You betcha!  We are fed –through the mainstream media –what the Powers That Be deem fit for hamster distribution.  As long as we stay on that wheel and believe in the ‘American Dream’  they got us folks.  The “Dream’ we believe in is based on increasingly higher levels of consumer spending as we crawl up the ladder.  Bigger cars, nicer houses,   the latest gadgets, braces for the kids la la la la la.  All designed (cleverly) to keep us indebted and in truth, barely getting by and living pay check to pay check.  We have no choice!  We have to stay on the hamster wheel! We can’t miss a pay check — just think what would happen!  You tell me if that does not sound like slavery!!!!

The Powers That Be ( or the Central Banks or the Anglosphere or The Illuminati or whatever) are clever rascals.  They have made slaves of most of us as sure as putting manacles around our ankles — and we liked it!  We worked harder so they could make the manacles stouter and more confining.  Christ!  those bastards are brilliant!

Now this is the part that really gets me……  Austerity measures. Took me awhile to figure it out.  At first I though, by damn it is about time somebody reigned in all that reckless spending and got the train back on the tracks but that ain’t it at all. Nope, not by a long shot.  Over yonder in Europe, austerity measures were required so Greece could get some MORE loans from the EU.  It was just window dressing folks, they would have give ’em the money anyway simply because the PTB knows there is going to be a train wreck when it all runs off the track ( as it inevitably will) but the longer the train stays on the track, the more the hamsters go ’round and ’round that wheel; the more money they make.  Did ya know our government is fixin’ to give the EU banks  $1 trillion to help bail them out?  Supposed to happen sometime in March if I recall.  You gotta dig around some to find it and I am pretty sure that   little tidbit will not be leading off  The Nightly News anytime soon.   Good little slaves, all of us.

We are seeing austerity measures here– the reduction of some services, the lack of maintenance on public buildings, highways and infrastructure. Cutbacks in police forces, teachers and public programs.  Austerity measures.  Who suffers?  Not the insanely rich that control the world, that is for sure.  The hamsters suffer–thats’ who.  We are dying the death of 1000 cuts.  Each additional tiny cut is largely unnoticed and we get used to it, then there is another and another……… and another.  We accept it and gamely serve the master that allows us to pursue the Dream.  Slavery–pure and simple.  Now that the jig is just about up and greed is going to topple the pyramid scheme as must always happen, they are taking away our perks and our pleasures simply because they can.  We have no say so whatsoever. Good little slaves, all of us.

I honestly believe the end game here is One World Order.  This all started near as I can tell about the time the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 — read up on how all THAT came about if you want a tale that will scare the pants off of ya.   Anyway, 100 years later that little plan has about run its’ course and we are in in for some Dark Times but that was all part of the master  plan to start with.  Those smart folks knew these pyramid schemes cannot last forever.  Phase II – when we emerge from the Dark Times – is going to be the central government for the entire world — One World Order.  Chances are I won’t be around to see that plan put into play.

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