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Stocking up

Home for now... weed wash in the foreground

We easily become accustomed to conveniences which are soon taken for granted.  One of the easiest services to take for granted and the hardest to duplicate out here oil field gate guarding is mail service. We have had a ‘permanent address’ over at Livingston, TX for a few years now and use the Escapees Mail Forwarding service.  Escapees is not the cheapest service but this is a case of you get what you pay for.  Miss Kathy has jumped them through every hoop imaginable and they have never let us down.

Seeing as how all indicators point to us being in this area for a few months, we rented a local post office box.   That enables us to get our weekly mail from Escapees and we can stock up via mail order on the boxy stuff sent direct to the PO Box.  Over the past month or so I had come up with a lengthy list of needful things.  Early this morning, I fired up that Amazon and ordered up a list of varied things…..

20 1141 12v light bulbs

2 cans of butane fuel for the lighters

16 pack of rechargeable AA batteries

2 each male/female 30amp RV plugs

Window mount hummingbird feeder

Wholesale 50 pack of disposable lighters

February sunset over the Davis Mountains

and last but not least — a stovetop coffee percolator.  I have been dealing with a drip coffee maker from hell for the past year and shame on me, but enough is enough!

The drip machine lives above the dinette in a little hidey hole just made for it. I can set right here and reach up to pour another cup without getting up.  Handy as a pocket in a shirt.  This machine never did pour worth a damn — not even close. Here lately It had developed a messy habit of the lid just coming apart right in the middle of a pour; that and puking all over everything while it was doing the drip thing.  It is a sad state when fixin’ coffee includes spreading out a dish towel to catch the blow by.   Over Miss K’s vehement objections, I damned all drip coffee makers to eternal hell and went back old school.  I just can’t live like that no more. Miss K has her Keurig that I keep generally keep zipped up about.  Gimme some peace woman and let me boil my coffee if I’ve a mind to!

Just got an email confirmation on that Amazon order and they have divided it up into 7 shipments.  Now, I don’t even begin to understand how all that comes to pass but I reckon somebody is going to be steppin’ and fetchin’ in KY or KS or wherever the Amazon stash is these days.   I could really care less as I got free Super Saver shipping on all of it.

Making a Buck – While I am at it, let me call your attention to that Amazon link over on the right side of this page.  If you’ve a mind to buy some Amazon goods, click that link and they will pay me a few pesos –don’t cost you anything extra but it sure helps us out.


End Note: I very seldom recommend an entire CD but there is always an exception.  I forget just ‘zactly how I come across Lincoln Durham –  most likely I was doing a habitual check of what Ray Wylie Hubbard was up to down in that Wimberley, TX and I saw where he had produced an EP and a CD for this guy.  Now RWH is not near as prolific as he was back in the day– he has earned some porch settin’ time so to see him out and about workin’ hard to get the word out about this young fella– I just had to check it out.  Worth it folks, let me tell ya; worth it and then some.  Vocals like a mouthful of razor blades and a dirty ass coke bottle slide rush out of the speakers.  The CD is The Shovel vs. the Howling Bones — let it grab ahold of you for a little while.


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2 comments to Stocking up

  • Ken


    I’ve been following your blog for years and I think this is only the second or maybe third comment I’ve posted. I don’t always agree with you but almost always enjoy hearing what you have to say. Being a native Texan, we speak the same language – almost.

    I suspect we share a common dislike for the lingo kids (mostly) use when texting: “2U” for “to you” and such. Fingernails on a blackboard as far as I’m concerned. You mostly stay away from that crap, which is another reason I keep reading. But your increasing habit of throwing in a “that” when it’s not needed – “can’t wait to go speeding out the gate toward that Louisiana” or “I fired up that Amazon” – is interfering with my enjoyment. Drives me nuts.

    Of course you have your own style of writing and in the big picture of things this is nothing more than a minor irritant. Being a cantankerous old coot (like me), you’ll probably tell me to stick my “that” comment where the sun don’t shine, and that’s OK. Maybe that is the buzzword in the oil patch or maybe you hadn’t noticed you were falling into a habit of chunkin’ in a that when it wasn’t needed.

    Whatever the reason, I wanted to give you a little feedback.


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