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Keeping your Cool

Texas summers are brutally hot, — no can be or may be –, they are always hot! Rvers are at a disadvantage because most of our little boxes are not well insulated. Personally, I do not seek the shade of the trees to park under. Just not worth it. You will end up with sap and twigs and limbs all over the top of your coach or trailer. The main reason I do not want to park under the trees is because of the danger from high wind. A falling branch or limb could go right through the skin of your recreational vehicle.

Most of the time I end up parking out in the wide open where the sun can beat down mercilessly. I do have 2 13,500 btu air conditioner units and even though my old bus only has 30amp service, it has been modified to run both AC units at the same time.

There are a few things you can do to deflect some of the heat from your RV. I keep the shades all drawn during the hottest days. I did try some of that reflective window film but abandoned it due to the huge hassle. My RV does have two features which drastically reduce

Carefree of Colorado Encased Window Awnings

Carefree of Colorado Encased Window Awnings

the amount of heat inside the coach. I have Carefree of Colorado Encased Awnings on the windows. Encased awnings roll up inside a protective aluminum cover when not in use. Awnings keep the heat away from the windows more than you would imagine. They also help out by keeping rain away from the windows. RV windows are prone to leak and this sure helps out. I leave the RV window awnings deployed unless it gets really, really windy. Unlike the huge patio awnings that are very prone to damage at the slightest breeze, window awnings do OK unless it is blowing really hard.

The front of a coach is usually all glass windshield and this is great when you are rolling down the road. When you park, that huge expanse of glass turns the front of the coach into a tropical hot house. I purchased a front sunscreen from Prompt RV Sunscreens almost 3 years ago and

Prompt RV Sunscreen

Prompt RV Sunscreen

what a difference it makes. Their design allows one person to install the sunscreen in just minutes. You can see out through the sunscreen during the day and no one can see in which is really nice. At night, I just draw the front curtains for privacy.

I would estimate the awnings and front sunscreen easily reduce the inside temperature 10 degrees.

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