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Holy Crap! Ants in the Bed!

Sundays are the lazy days at the jobsite and I always look forward to sleeping in until I just wake up. That is usually pretty early since I sleep with the shades open and the morning sun just streams in the bedroom window at the rear of the Old Girl. I went to bed Saturday night blissfully unaware of what would transpire in just a few short hours….

It started with a semi-conscious awareness of maybe something crawling on me. I brushed at it and went back to sleep. Then again; and my sleep was turning more into wakefulness; I just wasn’t convinced yet. Then again and I was fully awake and I new something was crawling on me! It 5:15am and I was up for the day. Turning on the light revealed several ants in my bed. Not scores, not dozens but several. Thank goodness they weren’t Fire Ants or any other kind of bitey ants–just a medium sized little black ant. I pulled up the mattress at the head of the bed and there the little boogers were –dozens of them. I went and got the all purpose bug spray and murdered that crowd with no mercy shown. I also stripped the bed and threw the sheets out door.

Living out in the sticks like I do, I have more than a little familiarity with all manner of creepy crawlies. I prepare for an extended stay and I think I do a good job.  I had prepared this base camp in the prescribed manner but it had been quite a while and we have had plenty of rain.  I know better than to leave food out on counter or stray food laying around.  Something sweet will draw those tiny sugar ants in just a matter of a few hours  — spilled hummingbird nectar on the counter is a sure fire invitation! I don’t know where these little sugar ants come from, I never see them entering the RV at any point. Maybe they just materialize out of thin air? It is a mystery of nature I reckon.

So I sat there at the dinette figuring out the best plan of attack.  Let me tell you one thing– treating (killing) ants at the point in the RV where you see them may make you feel better but it is useless.  There is a long line of ants marching forward from some point outside your RV to where you see them on the inside.  It is just a good way to waste some expensive bug spray.  I knew what I had to do.

The most likely ant entrance point in my experience has been cables and water hoses which lay on the ground and then enter the interior spaces of your RV.  I have never seen them crawling up tires or leveling jacks which also are in ground contact.  I am not saying it doesn’t happen but I have never seen it.   At first light I was out and about and headed the the rear compartment on the Fish Bus.  This is where all the electrical cords and satellite cable enter.  I am not on city water at this location so the water hose was not even part of the problem this time.  Sure enough, the little boogers were marching up the satellite cable in a steady line.  I sprayed the inside of the compartment well, sprayed down the cable and then all the ground area surrounding the cable.  Next step was to apply the granular insecticide all around and underneath the Old Girl to form a good barrier against future invasions.

Back to the dinette and some more lazy morning coffee while I watched CBS Sunday Morning being transmitted via ant-free satellite cable. I checked everything later in the day — no ants in evidence inside or outside the Old Girl so I remade the bed. Folks, beginning about this time of year, I see all sorts of posts regarding crawling critters getting inside recreational vehicles and some people just treat it like the end of the world and wrassle with it for days on end. The simple secret is just to find the entrance point and nuke it. End of problem.

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