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The Deadly Crash at Crush

You see a blog post -usually- from me every coupla days and I guess for some readers it must seem like they appear here automagically.   Not so much, let me tell ya.  Most are penned in advance and then I schedule them for publishing at some future date.  I have said before that I usually have a  few paragraphs done in my brain prior to sitting down at the keyboard and then the words flow.  I used to prime the pump with a little Jim Beam over a single cube of ice and repeated as necessary long into the night.  Now a days,  compositions appear in the early AM hours when the lethargy of sleep is cut away by strong coffee and cigarettes.  Sounds like I got it wired tight huh?  I should after almost 450 posts;  all of you somehow know it ain’t exactly that button-down easy.   Here lately, I have taken to jotting notes down in a .txt file for back burner posts that need some more hatch time.  Gotta keep the MyOldRV minions happy ya know.

Well, there ya go!  Secret insight into how the words escape that white coat hanger tangle that is my brain and appear here.  Damn right…. easy peasy.  This morning was no different than any other.  I set myself down with the intention of doing a little preachifying about spring storms and the importance of a weather radio.  Let me get that outta the way real quick:

RV + no weather radio = dumbass.

MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio –44% OFF plus Free Shipping

Alrighty them……moving along.   The blog train derailed this morning as soon as I plugged in the Zuney.   Sometimes that happens and it surely to goodness complicates things.  The mainest reason being that once one of these de-railed posts starts to take shape I can’t really predict where we are going. where we are going to end up.  Elvin Bishop came up as the first Zune song  at random this morning.   I always pay attention to that first randomly selected song because it is my Taro card fortune teller, black cat bones flung on the floor indicator of what life has stored up for me. Not so much a winning-lotto-picker-future-predictor but more of a nudge-on-the-shoulder and head-that-direction-yonder weirdness.  Am I saying my mp3 player is prescient?  Yeah, pretty much.   Is that old-man crazy or what?   But then again, I don’t have a normal Zune.  Stay with me on this.

My first Zune lost its’ mind soon after I bought it a coupla years back and I had to send it it home to the Microsoft Wizard that lives behind the curtain somewhere up in the Northwest where it rains all the time.  I expected a brand new Zune back.  Silly me!  They send you a refurbished unit back that still has some of somebody else’s  stuff on it.  That would make for some true gonzo weirdness for real.  Just imagine somebody getting my old one and trying to cypher that out.   A combo of Allman Brothers, The Hold Steady and Boozoo Chavis is likley to make just about anybody crazy as a bug trying to figure it out.  White coat hangers folks, crazy old men,  witches, desert hermits and all that;  I have warned y’all before and you just keep coming back to read my ramblin’.

My refurbed Zune came back and from all indicators it looked like it used to live in Brazil…. and it started doing that cat bone thing.  Appeared the original owner was a woman and I suspicion she was a bruxa  (Portuguese for witch).  Over the course of many months I have just accepted it.   And why not?  Don’t they have smart phones now that do everything but comb your hair??  Well, there ya go yet again.  Makes perfect sense in a white-coat-hanger-sort-of-way.

The Deadly Crash at Crush,TX 1896

Now that all of y’all are convinced I am gnawin’ on a peyote button Tuco the Dog snuffled up for me out at the Desert Refuge,  let me get back to Elvin Bishop and see if I can tie all this together in a marginally coherent fashion.  Elvin fired off on ‘Fooled Around and Fell in Love’  right out of the gate this morning.  That mid-70’s fave reminded me I had a text file in the blog hatchery that had to do with an anniversary of sorts coming up in June. (The train is swaying on the tracks just a teeny bit at this point.)  Next up on the random Zuney is Solomon Burke singing ‘None of Us Are Free’  and I am spinning off into remembrances of smokey tequila kisses and a lithe blond body.  All is lost at this point because I am having  a rarer than tooth-fairy rare DOUBLE cat bone Zune moment.  The resulting blogospheric train wreckorama rivals the Deadly Crash at Crush.  Whatever monkey paw mojo that bruxa de Brasil whipped on my Zuney;  I just have to throw up my hands and go with it any more.

It is what it is.

June is the anniversary of me getting all tangle-footed with Miss Kathy.  I have had a post about that very event hatching for over a month now or better.  My Zune says it is high time to get it out to the minions.

So friends and neighbors,  stay tuned right here for The Story of Miss K.

End Note: Wild Side by Scott H. Biram from the Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever cd.  Scott Biram is my go-to guy for white coat hanger music.  Give him a listen.


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2 comments to The Deadly Crash at Crush

  • don

    Here you are telling us all the secrets of successful blog writing and I thought it was just sit down and type. Isn’t that what Hemingway did? Of course he didn’t have a Zune to direct him.

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    • Andrew

      I’ll take all the help I can get Don.

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