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I’m still here

Been getting several emails in this vein – “Andy, I just started following your blog several months ago and enjoy your style of writing. Are you still blogging? Your last post was May 26th.”

Guilty as charged!  When the weather gets dry — there is dirt to be pushed, 40,000 cubic yards of it here just to build the dam for the 6 acre lake.

Pushing dirt --- Lots of dirt!

Pushing dirt --- Lots of dirt!

. I guess you could say pushing dirt has nothing to do with recreational vehicles but you would be wrong! All the maintenance and upgrades and attention to detail lavished on the Old Girl over the winter pays off now.

It has been murderously hot here north of Newton, TX.  107 degrees today on the bus thermometer and that is just another entry in a string of 100+ days.  After 8-10 hours of beating and banging on a bulldozer, the last thing I need is problems with the RV.  Bulldozers don’t have shock absorbers or springs.  It is steel tracks on hard baked clay and it hurts– let me tell ya.

The Base Camp in late afternoon sun.  The temp is still 101 degrees.

The Base Camp in late afternoon sun. The temp is still 101 degrees.

So I depend on my recreational vehicle to provide a cool respite from the sweltering weather.  The dual air conditioners have been running 18 hours or more a day– day in and day out.  The Norcold fridge has to keep the food (and beer) cold. Plumbing has to work and the batteries must charge.  I have little inclination to work on anything around the RV after a hard day.   It all boils down to the basics.  Out in the early daylight to take advantage of cooler ,morning weather and then drag back to the bus at the end of a hard day.  Day in and day out– pretty boring stuff that I am sure most of you would be bored to tears with.

You know I detest those RV blogs that seem to post every day regardless of significant content.   I could post on here what I ate for supper, what I watched on TV and what time I went to bed but do you really care? There are only  a few things that vary from day to day.

Ruby Throated female outside the dinette window.

Ruby Throated female outside the dinette window.

I have one solitary pair of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that visit the feeder outside the dinette window several times a day. Those little suckers are a lot tougher than me and I feel compelled to provide food for them. It is strange how strong the bond has become. I am on constant insect patrol. Ants really seem to home in on the Old Girl when the weather gets hot and dry and I watch constantly to make sure no ants are trailing up the cables and hoses to invade my space inside the RV. Dirt Daubers cluster around the condensation puddles on the ground that are a result of AC operation. I am sure I have some new nests underneath the Old Girl but most seem to fly into the woods when the leave the water source. Suits me just fine!

I stay here at the Base Camp for as long as 10 days straight- never leaving. When I do leave, it is for supplies at the Wal Mart in Jasper or to get water. A funny note on the water…. The property owner moved his Jayflight trailer in here and he thinks it has a 40 gallon fresh water tank. They will go through 2 tanks during a weekend stay! I can go at least a week on the 40 gallons of fresh water the Fish Bus holds. I feel for ’em when we get finished with this job and I am not hustling fresh water for them.

So there it is folks! I guess if the infrequency of the posts is not to your liking you could let me know. I could elaborate on the mundane every day goings on here at Base Camp if that is what you really want.

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